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Answers are Numbers Quiz

The answers are all integers. Guess what they are.
(Type using numbers, not letters)
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Leagues under the sea
# of dalmatians
Famous Beverly Hills zip code
Emergency phone # (US)
Emergency phone # (UK)
Time to make a wish
Leet in hacker speaker
Chip that came before the Pentium
Fluid ounces in a gallon (US)
Police code for homicide
Pennsylvania Avenue address
Wall voltage in Western Europe
Book burning temperature
(according to Bradbury)
IRS tax return form
Equal split
One gross
Model number of HAL
Marijuana #
Hours in a week
Feet in a mile
Largest Boeing jet
Highest possible bowling score
Degrees in a complete rotation
Boiling point in Fahrenheit
Indianapolis race distance
Prince song
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I put in 1337, but it would not accept the answer.
Sep 18, 2011
The one day I don't check the comments right away. Fixed, sorry!
Sep 18, 2011
Doesn't accept the correct answer for leet though it displays it in the answers.
Sep 18, 2011
Also I'd like to say that Boeing makes up to a 787 commercial airliner.
Sep 18, 2011
747 the largest?
Sep 18, 2011
Wonder why they arent fixing the 1337 problem!? And i cant believe that many people knew the largest jet?
Sep 18, 2011
747 is larger than the 787...naming does not correspond with size
Sep 18, 2011
Prince has a song called 7.
Sep 18, 2011
And 3121, and 319... but 1999 is probably the best known
May 29, 2013
The gallon question threw me. A gallon is eight pints over here so i put 160, which was wrong. Then tried severel multiples of 20 - all wrong. I'm guessing the US gallon is completely unrelated to pints!?!
Sep 18, 2011
Added a note that the gallon question is US specific.
Sep 18, 2011
@Englishrose: Imperial pints are 20 oz, but here in America they're 16 oz (two 8-oz cups).
Sep 18, 2011
I thought for sure the EU voltage was 220. Alas.
Sep 19, 2011
Voltage in Europe is 220, I know cause I live there
Sep 21, 2011
The voltage in Europe is officially 230V @ 50Hz. It is, however, commonly referred to as 220. The same thing happens to 240V here in the US; it too is commonly referred to as 220. Also 120V here in the US is commonly referred to as 110. Both 220 and 230 are nominal voltages in the same range. Probably 220 should be accepted here as well as 230 for a correct answer. I don't live in Europe, but I design electrical systems for use in Europe.
Sep 21, 2011
Prince also did a song called "seven"
Sep 24, 2011
couldn't a 1099 also be an acceptable answer for the tax question?
Dec 8, 2011
i did terable
Dec 14, 2011
Australian emergency number? 000? No? Sorry Brits, didn't have a clue about 999, not as prevalent in the British movies I've seen as it is in American film, where everything is "somebody call 911!"
Dec 21, 2011
o my god!! nobody knows x486 :( stupid apple, smartphones and fb generation
Jan 1, 2012
wasn't it actually the 80486?? it was the 8086. 80286 wasn' it??
Apr 3, 2014
What does the number 420 have to do with marijuana?
Feb 17, 2012
Because the fourth letter is D and the 20th is T, hence 420 gives you the DTs!! 8^)
Apr 3, 2014
@2Boo2, if your not just kidding try googleing "420"
Feb 19, 2012
Feb 23, 2012
This needs to be updated. The new Boeing Dreamliner is the largest.
Apr 9, 2012
No, the Dreamliner carries fewer passengers than the old 747s (up to 330 vs 400-600+).
Sep 10, 2013
Wowwwww no one knows what a 486 is?
Aug 20, 2012
I did. I had one. Had a 386 and a 286 as well. I remember when the N64 was announced the article talking about it said the processor was equivalent to a "786"... which never actually came to exist.
Jan 9, 2013
7 was a Prince song too, which ironically went to #7 on the charts.
Jan 19, 2013
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