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Y as Vowel Words Quiz

All the words use Y as a vowel. Based on the definition, guess the word.
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Hurricane or typhoon
The words to a song
A cruel ruler
Device for making injections
Faun. Also, a lecherous man
Fool's gold
Jewish place of worship
Legendary story
The study of word origins
The west wind
Underground burial place
Bottomless chasm
Eight bits
Pile on which the dead are burned
Religious song
Prearranged meeting, often between lovers
A series of rulers from one family
Word with the same sound but a different meaning
Resin given to Jesus by the Magi
Ancient stringed instrument
Opposite of utopia
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Could you accept synagog as spelling for synagogue? I was under the impression that synagog is an accepted spelling for synagogue and wikipedia agrees. "A synagogue (from Koine Greek: συναγωγή transliterated synagogē, meaning "assembly"), sometimes spelt synagog, is a Jewish or Samaritan house of prayer"
Feb 22, 2013
Maybe also think about accepting hypodermic needle for syringe? I know the hypodermic needle is attached to a syringe upon injection, but both could technically be considered devices.
Feb 22, 2013
Hypodermic needle is not a word, it is two words.
Feb 22, 2013
Darn you "synagogue"!! Couldn't spell that to save my life.
Feb 22, 2013
Maybe "tornado" or "twister" would be a better clue for cyclone? Technically typhoons and hurricanes are "tropical cyclones."
Feb 22, 2013
A tornado occurs on land, whereas hurricanes and such occur over tropical waters. A hurricane happens over the Atlantic Ocean, a cyclone happens over the Pacific Ocean, and a typhoon happens over the Indian Ocean. They are all names for the same type of storm, but a tornado or twister is a completely different phenomenon.
Feb 24, 2013
I put Myopia because that's the noun of nearsightedness, I feel that should be an acceptable answer unless the clue is changed to the "one who is nearsighted is"
Feb 22, 2013
Adjective to adjective.
Feb 23, 2013
(46) It is a noun.
Feb 24, 2013
Yes, "myopia" is a noun, but "nearsighted" isn't.
Feb 4, 2014
Too much whining about trivial matters.
Feb 23, 2013
Legendary story: odyssey?
Aug 23, 2014
Maybe if you mean the title, but the word means journey.
Aug 30, 2014
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