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63,158Canada Map Quiz
Fill in the blank map of Canada.
42,211Canadian Provinces
Name the Canadian provinces and territories, eh.
28,432Canada Cities Map Quiz
See if you can correctly guess each highlighted Canadian city.
24,126Biggest Cities in Canada
How many of Canada's 24 biggest cities can you name?
19,466The Easy Canada Quiz
October 8th is a holiday in Canada. Any guesses what it is?
14,957Countries Closest to Canada
Name the countries that are geographically closest to Canada.
13,981O Canada Lyrics
Guess the lyrics to the English version of the Canadian national anthem.
10,062Famous Canadians
It's almost Canada Day, eh. Name these famous Canadians!
7,184Canadian Musical Acts
Some of them might surprise you.
6,179Canadian Prime Ministers
3,749Canada Decoder
Guess these short answers about Canada.
2,518Canadian Capital Cities
1,83250 Biggest cities in Canada (by population)
1,691Canadian Spelling
1,403Foreigners in Canada by Country of Birth
1,25225 Largest Canadian Cities (metro)
1,114Canadian Sports Teams Quiz
875Canada Quiz
682Canadian Immigration by Country
622Canadian Airport Codes
578Ethnic origins in Canada
577Largest Cities in Ontario
532Largest metro areas in Canada
429How Canadian are you?
3982010 Canada's Gold Winning Hockey Team Rosters
398The abbreviations of Canadian Provinces & Territories
377Canadian Capital Cities
360Most Populous Cities of British Columbia
356Canada Quiz
348Tall Building Cities-Canada
342Canadian Hockey Teams
340United States - Canada Border States
320#1 Canadian Songs
316Most Populous Cities of Ontario
311Canadian Singers
273Canada National Parks
241Biggest Canadian cities by letter
235Countries with the most Canadians
204Biggest Cities in Ontario
183Birds of Vancouver
179Province/Territory/State bordering Ontario
176Biggest Cities in Alberta
171Top 20 Canadians.
164Canadian Geography
162Trailer Park Boys
159Canadian History Part 1
152Toronto Subway Stations
138Foreign Languages Spoken in Canada
132Top 10 Most Popular Cities in Canada to Visit
130Most populous Toronto Boroughs
113Largest Metro Areas In Canada
105Canadian Pro Sports Teams
103Canada largest islands
98Famous Canadians #2
86Canadian Rivers
83Biggest Cities in British Columbia
83Canadian History Part 2
72Most Populous Islands of Canada
71Political Parties in Parliament of Canada
6820 largest metropolitan areas in Canada
67Metro Vancouver Regional Districts
65Biggest Cities in Quebec
60Biggest Cities in Alberta by Population
55Cities in Saskatchewan
51Cities in British Columbia
50The 25 largest population centres in Canada
50Largest Metropolitan Areas in British Columbia
46Cities in Manitoba
46Ethnic Origins in Canada
44Old Cities and Boroughs of Toronto
42Biggest Cities in Ontario
40Geographic Counties of Ontario
34Cities in The Yukon
18Cities in Northwest Territories
16Cities in Nunavut
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