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Real Life Math Problems

Solve these every day, real life math problems.
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One jar of peanut butter weighs 18 ounces and costs $3.60. What is the cost per ounce?
A meal at Chochkies costs $30. How much is a 15% tip?
A taxi ride costs $8. I give the driver a $10 bill and tell him to keep the change. What percentage tip was given?
All you can eat hot dogs costs $10. If I eat 8, what is the effective cost per hot dog?
I flip a coin. It lands heads. On the next flip, what is the percentage chance of landing heads?
Rent costs $1200 per month. To move in, first and last month's rent must be paid, as well as a security deposit of 1.5 months. How much money do I need to rent the apartment?
The phone bill is due on April 1 and costs $35. All late payments are charged 10% plus a $1 'convenience' fee. I pay the bill on April 7. How much do I owe?
Gas costs $4/gallon. My Ferrari gets 15 miles to the gallon. I drive 120 miles to Nashville. How much does it cost for gas?
I own $100,000 of Verizon stock. If Verizon pays a 5.8% dividend annually, how much will I earn this year through dividends?
Justin Bieber will wink at me if I pay him $17. I want 6 Bieber winks. How much will that cost?
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9:14 left Too much time! Intersting quiz
Jul 5, 2012
it doesnt recognize 4.5 for $4.50!
Aug 6, 2012
I had the same problem
Jun 12, 2013
I love the last one! :D Great quiz.
Oct 7, 2012
You should accept
0.2 for 20 cents
4.5 for $4.50
39.5 for $39.50
Jan 25, 2014
100% with 8:13 left--I agree too much time!
May 13, 2014
Where can I find Justin Beiber. I need to talk to him now.
Mar 16, 2015
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