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Pacific Ocean General Knowledge

Can you answer these general knowledge questions about the Pacific Ocean?
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What is the last country to border the Pacific Ocean alphabetically?
What place in the Pacific Ocean is thought to be the deepest point in the world?
Avarua, on the island of Rarotonga is the capital of which country in free association with New Zealand?
What is the name of the world's tallest mountain, much of which lies below sea level?
Which country has the lowest population in the Pacific Ocean?
The Rapa Nui people are the native inhabitants of which Pacific Island?
Which country is the above Island a part of?
Which sub-region of Oceania includes; Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea?
What is the name of the Alaskan island chain that forms an arc shape in the Pacific Ocean?
Which significant line, roughly follows the 180° longitude line through the Pacific Ocean?
What is the name of the largest Russian city on the Pacific Ocean?
Including overseas territories, which continent is the only not to have a border with the Pacific Ocean?
What is the name of the large Mexican peninsula that extends into the Pacific Ocean?
What Island country in the Pacific Ocean is the only to be passed through by the Tropic of Cancer?
Alphabetically, what is the first Marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean?
What is the name of the area in the Pacific Ocean where there is a large amount of seismic activity?
What sea seperates New Zealand and Australia?
What is the name of the largest island (by area) in the Pacific Ocean?
If you were to take the shortest scheduled international flight from New Zealand, what island would be your destination?
What is the capital of Kiribati?
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Jan 17, 2015
I'd have thought the Arafura Sea would be the first marginal alphabetic sea attached the the Pacific? Or is this not included?
Feb 22, 2015
You're right, answer has been updated
May 25, 2015
I tried Melonesia, but I'm not going to ask the quizmaster to accept that...
May 23, 2015
Could you accept simply 'Kea' for 'Mauna Kea'?
Feb 18, 2017
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