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Hello again, everyone. I am proud to announce the first scene of the Planet Earth series, we're starting off fresh this time!

The schedule for this series is up to 2-5 days apart!

In our new series, we will be covering what happened during post-apocalyptic America. Also, in the next chapter, there won't be bold and italics. It hurts to keep on scrolling. Also, this is a collab between me (GeoSmartKirbyXD) and SirPhilippines! We're back for Round Two of our collabing! Yeah! So enjoy!

Yes, it is a detective story, first in the series. I hope you enjoy!

I'm sorry.

This is a drama filled tale about REAL JETPUNKERS FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE!!!!!!!

3 factions

Each with a dream


You guys spoke out about wanting to be in the next GOL, so here you are. New countries: Republic of the Philippines (SirPhilippines), Porto (Portuguese city-state ruled by FaroPor), The Empire of Turnbacktwo (self-explanatory), and Pandoria (C'mon, if you don't get it...). Also, Vatican City was recently annexed by Italy. Malkiboy helped.

So, it's Friday. I will start this new series called Things I Want To Talk About (TIWTTA), and this issue will be with AFOTWIT series, because AFOTWIT is in here. So yeah, let's begin.

His skills are unmatched.... or are they?

A story to sharpen my skills at storytelling.

Thank you for-

"Hey! You suck! You only have uhh... uhh... 840 takes! That sucks compared to other users! Your most popular quiz is just a spam fast typing quiz! You should get banne-"

Shut it.

So, anyways! Thanks guys!

"Thanks for what, spammer?"

Ugh. Thanks for getting me to 840 takes! I know, that's not a lot. But I feel accomplished. Check out the content for more!

This should be listed under Milestone also, but meh.

Well, well, well! I have continued the story of GrandOldMan's great empire (I liked the last one). Here, Malkiboy and GOM have a duel in which Malkiboy might win...but the Storian feels sympathy. Just note that no one else played a part in this fictional production.

So it's Easter Sunday y'all (unless you live on the other side of the IDL)! I went to church (I am Catholic) and someone I know, their birthday is today. So I will not respond to comments starting from anywhere in between 4:15-4:30 pm PST until next day. But anyways, here is some random stuff, and AFOTWIT Chapter 7! I know, it's been a while. But here it is! And updated rules for GeoStumper! Oh, also, a GeoStumper!

Hello and welcome to another one of my blogs. This is part 3 in the "The DarthKnight Story" blog mini-series. I hope you enjoy it very much. It is also the finale!

AE: Asian Empire

PL: Poland Lithuania

Anyways, read on for more!

SirFilipinoKirby (my collab with SirPhilippines) posted our first blog!

Great moment for us!

And also surprise!

And stay tuned for the GeoStumper, now with six questions!

Get your Diary of a Time-Traveling Soldier merch now!

Long script book on how GrandOldLand conquered Canada. Don't miss out on Florida jinxing Texas on the quintuple jinx! I think this is my best story blog yet.

What is to come...
P.S. Due to a busier school schedule and us trying to make the stories better and longer, we will most likely be posting every other Tuesday from now on.

First chapter

The sea of penguins are going on the island. Dixie saves the bananas and the Kongs are doing different jobs

A new series...

And Kirby!

Read on for more.

(Not as boring as you think!)

So my GeoStumper (credit to MG17 for the word, but my puzzle so... I'm gonna use it for myself now! lol) had some prizes...

And Question 2 was a whopper, but SirPhilippines got it. But he already has a SURPRISE PRIZE with me, so I'm here to give the SURPRISE PRIZE to someone else, chapter 4, some stuff, early GeoStumper, and something!

Scroll down for yeetdeet's puzzle.

Read on for more.

The adventures begin...

It is 2035, and Maldives is in for a very dark day.

Who is this driving force behind its destruction?

And will Asia no longer be independent?

Find out in:

Alternate Future of Asia and Oceania, in Text, Ch. 3! Special Edition!

And stay tuned for the 3rd criteria! Yes, 3rd Geography Stumper folks!

Please read the important PS, people.

Travels await...

So thank goodness this isn't spam and many people liked it.

Here's the next chapter of: Alternate Future of Southeast, East and South Asia. In text.


The rebels are now in a tight position. Will New India be in the history books, or will they live on?

An unexpected force may be the factor behind evening the playing field. Who is this mystery force?

Read on for more.

And stay tuned for the 3rd criteria in my second... Geography Stumper! Yey!

A plot with twists, excitement, comedy, and above all, JetPunk!

Chapter II - That’s correct?

(Has anyone ever done this before on Jet Punk? IS this spam?)

Oh no! It is the year 2030 and Southeast Asia is in a state of chaos! What will the nations of Southeast Asia do? Will they try to restore peace, or will they battle each other to the death? Find out in this first chapter of:

Alternate Future of Southeast Asia: Text Version.

Read on for more!

A plot with twists, excitement, comedy, and above all, JetPunk!

Credits to ClutchNFerno for the idea