Comment Editing + RIP JetPunk Data

We are pleased to introduce our new feature: comment editing!

Now you will be able to edit your comments for up to 60 minutes after creating them. No more having to delete and re-type when you make a mistake.

Unfortunately, we are discontinuing one of our other features: JetPunk Data. What's that, you ask? Good question. Late in 2016 I spent the better part of a month collating tons of data for every country on Earth. Unfortunately, Google hated my work and refused to link to it. Traffic was basically non-existent. The data was getting stale and so it was time to spend dozens of hours updating it, or to simply delete it. The choice was easy.

We are planning on replacing it with pages like this. Let me know if there was anything you found useful on JetPunk data. If it's easy, I'll make a page for it.

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