A Tale of Two Economies - Botswana vs. Zimbabwe

Good governance matters. Botswana has become much wealthier while Zimbabwe has languished.
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GDP per capital in nominal terms, not PPP
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Nov 20, 2018
What happened to make Botswana's economy boom like that?
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Nov 20, 2018
A lot of diamonds and a stable government, that reinvests profits in the development of the country.
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Nov 20, 2018
Botswana (and Rwanda, too) are today very stable countries in Africa due to politics that focus on the country, not the ruler
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Jun 26, 2019
Rwanda is becoming great
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Nov 4, 2019
Don't get too excited about Rwanda just yet. Nearly half the population still lives in extreme poverty. But it is better than nearby Burundi where more than 75% live in extreme poverty.
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Nov 11, 2019
1980 was the turning point from where botswana grabbed the opportunity with all hands
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Nov 17, 2019
Whenever someone says that "more money should be printed/minted", please show them the Zimbabwean economic disaster, as one of their many blunders was that: printing more and more money.