New and Reset Quizzes

This is a list of all the featured quizzes that have been added or reset in the last 14 days.
2021-01-250Spain True or False?
2021-01-250Trace the Coast of Europe with a Map
2021-01-250Country Shapes in my Burger
2021-01-240Italy True or False?
2021-01-240Sweden True or False?
2021-01-230Former Country Flag-Shape Picture Quiz
2021-01-230Russia True or False?
2021-01-230Mexico True or False?
2021-01-220Canada True or False?
2021-01-220California True or False?
2021-01-220Texas True or False?
2021-01-210France True or False?
2021-01-210General Knowledge Quiz #142
2021-01-210General Knowledge Quiz #141
2021-01-210Image to U.S State - Multiple Choice
2021-01-200Germany True or False?
2021-01-200Children of U.S. Presidents
2021-01-200World Leaders Quiz #1
2021-01-200U.S. Presidential Trivia #1
2021-01-200U.S. Presidents by State
2021-01-200Presidential Middle Names
2021-01-200Presidential First Names
2021-01-200First Ladies of the United States
2021-01-200G7 Leaders, 2001-present
2021-01-200Name a Valid U.S. President #1
2021-01-200US Presidents - 1 Minute Sprint
2021-01-200U.S. Presidents by Picture
2021-01-200U.S. Vice Presidents
2021-01-200U.S. Presidents Quiz
2021-01-190U.S. Presidents by Picture - Multiple Choice
2021-01-190Image to Country - Multiple Choice
2021-01-190What's Bigger?
2021-01-1802,000 Biggest World Cities Furthest from a Larger City
2021-01-180Merged Countries #7
2021-01-180Top 100 Most-Viewed Wikipedia Articles
2021-01-170Saturday Stumper #5
2021-01-170Has Anyone Ever Done It - U.S. Sports
2021-01-170Multiple Choice General Knowledge #5
2021-01-160U.K. General Knowledge Multiple Choice #1
2021-01-160U.K. General Knowledge Multiple Choice #2
2021-01-160U.K. General Knowledge Multiple Choice #3
2021-01-160Flags by Horizontal Stripes #1
2021-01-150Movie Newspaper Headlines
2021-01-140All Counties of the United States by Proximity
2021-01-140All 3,143 Counties of the United States on a Map
2021-01-140Three Real and One Fake - U.S. Geography
2021-01-140Three Real and One Fake - World Geography
2021-01-140Three Real and One Fake - Movies
2021-01-130Countries with the Most Immigrants per Capita
2021-01-130Has Anyone Ever Done It #2
2021-01-130Country Flags Multiple Choice
2021-01-120The United States... or the United Kingdom?
2021-01-120Has Anyone Ever Done It #1
2021-01-120Marketing Slogans for Animals