Nominated Quizzes - Page 10

# Quiz
4 Black Sea Cities on a Map
4 Border Crossings #3
4 Break my stride lyrics
4 Britain by Picture - 1
4 British Isles Map
4 BTS Songs
4 Busiest Air Routes from the U.K.
4 Can You Name These 10 Random Island Countries
4 Capital Cities Based on First Two Letters #2
4 Capital Name Similar to Country Name
4 Capital of Country by Year
4 Capitals AND Countries That Start With M
4 Capitals Closest to United States by Continent
4 Capitals of Asia on a map.
4 Capitals of Europe in 1815 on a Map
4 Capitals of the Countries Whose Names Start with Saint
4 Capitals of the Provinces of China on a Map
4 Capitals sharing first 3 letters
4 Category Elimination - Megacities
4 Category Elimination - Physical Geography
4 Category elimination - Video Games Consoles
4 Character Logic Puzzle – Percy Jackson (hard version)
4 Christmas Traditions Around the World - Multiple Choice
4 Cities in the Pokémon Johto Region on a Map
4 Cities in the Pokémon Sinnoh Region on a Map
4 Cities in the Portland Metro Area on a Map
4 Cities on Interstate 70 on a Map
4 Cities that Beat New York
4 Cities that hosted the Commonwealth Games (with a map)
4 Cities with Highest GDP on a Map
4 Cities with more than 20 million people on the Map
4 City by Historical Event #1
4 City Decoder #3
4 City to Country Tile Select #3
4 Classical Composers by Picture
4 Clear the World Map!
4 Click The 15 Biggest European Countries On A Map
4 Closest Larger City to a Given City #1
4 Coldest Countries by Continent
4 Colors in this picture
4 Copa Libertadores - Winners and runners-up
4 Count in Roman Numerals - One Minute Sprint
4 Countries A-Z by Neighbor #2
4 Countries and Capitals of the World - Hardest Edition
4 Countries Bordering Afghanistan (with map)
4 Countries Bordering Cameroon With Map
4 Countries Bordering China (with a map)
4 Countries Bordering Germany in 1914 Empty Map Quiz
4 Countries by 3rd Most Populous City
4 Countries by A-Z Capital City
4 Countries by Capitals and Borders in 4 Minutes
4 Countries by coastline per capita
4 Countries by Contributions to the EU Budget
4 Countries by EEZ to internal area ratio
4 Countries by Emojis #2
4 Countries by Five Closest Countries In One Minute
4 Countries by food Emojis
4 Countries by National Anthems #2
4 Countries by Overlapping Bordering Flags
4 Countries by Partial Flag Images #8
4 Countries by Smallest % (Percentage) of Population in their Capital City
4 Countries by weekly church attendance
4 Countries Closest to Albania
4 Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #7
4 Countries Closest to Antarctica
4 Countries Closest to Greenland
4 Countries Closest to Hungary
4 Countries Closest to Japan A-Z
4 Countries Closest to United Kingdom
4 Countries Containing A
4 Countries Containing Four As
4 Countries Containing Three As
4 Countries Covered on a Map
4 Countries ending in 'ia' Quiz
4 Countries Furthest From the United Kingdom
4 Countries in a Koru on an Empty Map
4 Countries Inside the Shape of the World on a World Map
4 Countries Kim Jong-un has visited
4 Countries Kraków has been in
4 Countries of Asia by Borders with an Empty Map
4 Countries of East Asia in 390 on a Map
4 Countries of Europe by Coats of Arms (Images)
4 Countries of Europe in 1828 (with a Map)
4 Countries of Europe in 476 AD (with a Map)
4 Countries of Europe with Two or More Words
4 Countries of Most Populated Capitals
4 Countries of North and South America (with a map)
4 Countries of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica in 1500 with a Map
4 Countries of the World - Correct Spelling
4 Countries of the World - Seven Minute Run
4 Countries of the World by Land and Maritime Borders in 90 seconds: with a map
4 Countries of the World by last two letters in 2 minutes
4 Countries of the World by Picture
4 Countries of the World by the Largest Bordering Country Quiz - Map
4 Countries of the World in 1914 by Borders
4 Countries Of The World In Alphabetical Order
4 Countries of the World Quiz - Impossible
4 Countries of the World... but Backwards!
4 Countries of the World: Unscramble them all!
4 Countries on the Ring of Fire - With a Map
4 Countries On The World Map If Islands Didn't Exist
4 Countries over 1% of Global Land Area
4 Countries Starting with A and their Capitals
4 Countries Surrounded by Three Countries
4 Countries Surrounding Kuala Lumpur
4 Countries that are 2 borders away from North Korea
4 Countries that are Free from CANADA
4 Countries that Beat Argentina
4 Countries that Beat Iceland
4 Countries that Beat Liechtenstein
4 Countries that Beat Mexico
4 Countries that Beat Portugal
4 Countries that Beat the United States - Christmas Edition
4 Countries that do not Border Landlocked Countries
4 Countries that Don't Recognize Israel
4 Countries That End in -IA
4 Countries That End in S
4 Countries That End in STAN
4 Countries that end with an
4 Countries that end with the letter "A"
4 Countries that Hate Each Other
4 Countries That Start And End In The Same Letter
4 Countries that Start with E - Shape Quiz
4 Countries that Start with G - Shape Quiz
4 Countries that Start with K - Shape Quiz
4 Countries the United States Declared War On
4 Countries Where Alcohol is Illegal
4 Countries whose capital isn't the largest city.
4 Countries With "In" in Their Name
4 Countries with Increased GDP and Decreased Carbon Emissions
4 Countries with Longest Maximum Distances to the Ocean
4 Countries With Most Major Golf Titles
4 Countries with Ski Resorts
4 Countries with the death penalty for gay people
4 Countries with the Highest Percentage Aged Under 15
4 Countries with the Largest Total Economic Area
4 Countries with the Oldest Median Age (with Exceptions)
4 Countries with the shortest names
4 Countries with the Shortest Total Borders with Exceptions
4 Countries with the Worst Drinking Water
4 Countries With Unique National Animals
4 Countries without a City at least 500.000 inhabitans
4 Countries without red or blue on their flags
4 Countries, States etc on the "Countries Visited Map" by Area with as many letter Hints as possible
4 Countries, US States, Capitals, Elements, 100 Most Common Words: Starting with R
4 Country Boggle (ThirdParty's #2)
4 Country Flags of Africa - Tile Select Quiz
4 Country Flags with Diagonal Stripes - Picture Quiz
4 Country Flags with Hats - Picture Quiz
4 Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #4 - borders with a Map
4 Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #4b - borders with a Colourful Map
4 Country Name Uniqueness
4 Country Names With More Than 2 Words
4 Country Picture Puzzle Game #5
4 Country Shapes in the Map of Asia #3
4 Country Shapes on a Planet
4 Country To Continent - Multiple Choice
4 Country Word Search #10
4 Cricket Decoder
4 Crown Lands of the Kingdom of France in 987 with a Map
4 DC and Marvel Heroes and Villians
4 Decode the semaphore
4 Dense Countries Bordering Sparse Countries
4 Dialects and Languages of France on a Map
4 Disputed territories of Europe by countries
4 Doctor Who Actors By Picture
4 Don't Stop Me Now by Queen Lyrics
4 Double Border Crossings
4 Draw the Coast of the Black Sea on the Map
4 Easy Maths Quiz
4 Easy Sudoku #1
4 Elder Scrolls Tamriel Map
4 Elements of the Periodic Table by Symbol
4 Emirates Airline Destinations on a Map
4 Emirates of the UAE Map Quiz
4 Empty Pixelated World Map
4 English League Cup Winners
4 English Premier League Cities Map
4 English soccer club ever play a cup in Europe
4 English words of Dutch Origin Picture Quiz
4 Erase the United States
4 Europe by Easterly Borders Only
4 European Cities by River
4 European Countries By Last Two Letters
4 European Countries with One Border (Hints)
4 European first divisions' clubs - FOOTBALL.
4 European Football Cities Map
4 Eurovision Song Contest Winners
4 Every City in Jefferson on a Map
4 Every City in the United Kingdom With a Map
4 Every Club Mo Salah scored against for Liverpool
4 Every South American Country Shape
4 Facts that people get wrong #1
4 Famous Battles on a Map
4 Famous Celebrities by Picture (Picture Quiz)
4 Fancy Vocabulary #5
4 Fancy Vocabulary #6
4 Fast Math - Roots
4 Fast Math - Subtraction Quiz
4 Fifty States -- in order!