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3 Modern-Day Countries of the Ancient Egyptian Empire with a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the First French Empire on a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Georgian Empire with a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Golden Horde Khanate with a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Han Dynasty on a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Hunnic Empire on a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Iberian Union with a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Khedivate of Egypt on a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Kievan Rus' on a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Omani Empire on a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Republic of Venice in 1500 with a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Russian Empire in 1898 on a Map
3 Modern-Day Countries of the Tu'i Tongan Empire on a Map
3 Modern-Day Mexican States of the Aztec Empire with a Map
3 Monarchies of Africa
3 Monarchs of France
3 Mongolia True or False?
3 Most Central Countries in Africa
3 Most Common Native American Languages
3 Most Corrupt Countries Bordering Each Other
3 Most Densely Populated Cities with a Map
3 Most Guessed Cities By Random U.S. State
3 Most Guessed Countries Bordering Each Other
3 Most Guessed European Countries on JetPunk
3 Most important cities according to Google Maps
3 Most Important/Influencial European Medieval Cities
3 Most Populated Countries of the World Map Quiz
3 Most Populated Countries on a Map
3 Most Populous Islands on a World Map
3 Most Seats in the European Parliament
3 Most Sexually Active Countries
3 Most visited cities in the USA
3 Most Visited Countries by Finns
3 Movie Pictograms
3 Music by Letter - Q, U and X
3 Musical Acts by Letter - O
3 Name a UK City A-Z
3 Name a Valid Country other than the U.S.
3 Name a Valid English County
3 Name a Valid River
3 Name a Valid U.S. Metro Area
3 Name a Valid US City by Location
3 National Geographic Bee Winning Questions
3 Nations of the Autumn Nations Cup - RUGBY.
3 NATO countries on a world map
3 NATO Phonetic Alphabet
3 NBA 2019-2020 Starters (if all players are healthy)
3 NBA Best Single-Season Stats
3 NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
3 NBA Stats Leaders by Year
3 NCAA College Basketball Teams
3 Neighborhoods of Manhattan
3 Netflix Series Quiz
3 Netherlands True or False?
3 New England States Map Quiz
3 New York City Parks to Map
3 New Zealand Logos
3 NFL Receiving Leaders of the 1990s
3 NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL Teams That Have Never Won a Championship
3 NHL Hockey First Overall Draft Picks
3 NHL Hockey Teams - One Minute Sprint
3 NHL Stanley Cup Champions
3 No Outlines - Countries of Europe Map Quiz
3 No Vowels Allowed
3 North American Countries On A Civilization Six Map
3 North American Pro Sports Teams By State or Province
3 North American Sports Teams by City
3 Numbers after decimal for PI
3 Oceania Capitals
3 Outer Hebrides Map
3 Pakistan Country Quiz
3 Passports by Picture
3 Phineas and Ferb Theme Song Lyrics
3 Popular Spanish Verbs Vocabulary Word List (Large)
3 Portugal True or False?
3 Premier League Winning Teams, Managers, Captains and Top Scorers
3 Presidential Middle Names as First Names
3 Presidents of Brazil
3 Progressive Groups of Things - Geography
3 Province Quiz - Alberta
3 Provinces of Bulgaria on a Map
3 Provinces of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
3 Qualified countries for the quarter-finals of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
3 Quebec Cities Map Quiz
3 Quintuple Fast Typing A to Z - 15 Second Sprint
3 Races in Dungeons and Dragons
3 Random American Flag to Country
3 Random Anagrams - World Capitals
3 Random Asian Shape to Country
3 Random Biggest Non-Capital City To Country
3 Random Capital By Bordering Capitals
3 Random Capitals on the Borderless World Map
3 Random Chinese Words to English
3 Random Christmas Songs Quiz
3 Random Cities Near Bangkok on a Map
3 Random Countries By Population
3 Random Countries of Oceania with a Map
3 Random Country to Currency
3 Random European Shape to Country
3 Random Flag of North America to Map
3 Random Foods by Picture
3 Random Hamilton Song Lyrics
3 Random Minecraft Blocks by Picture
3 Random Scrambled Capital to Country
3 Random Sequential African Capitals on a Map
3 Random U.S. States on a Map in 15 Seconds
3 Random US States Missing On A Borderless Map
3 Random World Capitals by Coordinates
3 Random world cities by giant dots on map
3 Ranking of the 2020 Six Nations Championship.
3 Ranking of the Autumn Nation Cup.
3 Rankings of the groups of the Rugby World Cup 2019.
3 Rappers By Picture
3 Region Flag-Shape Picture Quiz #2
3 Regions Bordering Russia Map Quiz
3 Regions of Chile (With a Map)
3 Richest Countries with Exceptions
3 River to Capital City (Hard)
3 Rivers of Florida
3 Roman Numeral Encoder - Randomized!
3 RUGBY - England matches (2020 - …).
3 RUGBY - Ireland matches (2020 - …).
3 RUGBY - New Zealand matches (2020 - …).
3 Saharan Countries on map quiz
3 Scotland Geography Quiz
3 Scotland Rugby Union Team-Rugby World Cup 2019.
3 Scottish Football Clubs to Cities Map
3 Scottish Islands (extreme)
3 Scottish Islands Map (easier version)
3 Scottish Lochs Map (extreme)
3 Second Most Common Religion by US State (with Colored Map)
3 Semi-finals of Rugby World Cups.
3 Serbian Empire And Present Day Countries - Serbian History
3 Shared names
3 Shetland Islands Map (easier version)
3 Six Nations winners.
3 Six the musical Songs
3 Smallest Countries With Over 10 Million Population
3 Solve the Secret Locations
3 Some Jetpunkers Turned into Balls!
3 Songs by Nirvana
3 Sources of Rivers #1
3 Southeast Asia Islands Map Shape
3 Southern Africa Map Quiz
3 Speed Pi (100 digits)
3 Stairway To Heaven Lyrics
3 Star Wars - Top 50 most famous Characters
3 States In The Sun Belt On A Map
3 Stranger Things Character Quotes Quiz
3 Subdivisions bordering Bavaria
3 Super Mario Games
3 Super Rugby's winners.
3 Super Skyrim Quiz
3 Sydney Train Network Map
3 Take me to church - Hozier lyrics
3 Taskmaster contestants
3 Ten Largest Cities in Each State Quiz
3 Terrible City Spellings Accepted by JetPunk
3 The 4 seasons in 15 seconds.
3 The Bee Movie - The First 500 Words
3 The British Isles - Map Quiz
3 The countries flags of the world cup of rugby 2019.
3 The Dictator Files: Kim-Jong Un
3 The Elements of the Periodic Table
3 The Flag of China Timeline Map Quiz
3 The Impossible Jetpunk quiz
3 The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidency
3 The Mafia Quiz
3 The Ms. Warr Quiz
3 The Nine Muses
3 The Office Employees
3 The Only Country that... #2
3 The Pluto Quiz
3 The Ultimate LOTR Character Quiz - The Books
3 The USA States without a map
3 The worlds Hardest London Underground Quiz
3 Things I Don't Like - Pictures
3 Thinnest Shaped Countries
3 Third World countries (in terms of human development-HDI index)
3 Three Real and One Fake - City Pictures
3 Tile Select - Chess Moves
3 Tokyo Subway Stations by Map Quiz
3 Top 10 Cities by African Subregion on the Map
3 Top 10 Countries with the Most Trees
3 Top 10 Jeopardy! Champions
3 Top 10 most sexually active countries
3 Top 10 Poorest US States by PPP
3 Top 10 States with Highest Crime Rate
3 Top 100 Authors of All Time!
3 Top 100 Biggest Cities in Illinois
3 Top 100 Greatest Actresses
3 Top 20 Countries By Covid Cases
3 Top 20 Countries with Catholic Dioceses
3 Top 20 most Followed Accounts on TikTok
3 Top 20 Most Islamic Countries
3 Top 2500 Cities According to SimpleMaps with a Map
3 Top 3 Famous Deaths from 2010-2020
3 Top 3 football teams of every UEFA country
3 Top 3 Languages of U.S. States with Map
3 Top 4 Big 5 European Football Leagues