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1940s General Knowledge

Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1940's?
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What does the E stand for in V-E day?
In what movie did Sam play the song "As Time Goes By"?
In what city did Anne Frank hide?
Who said "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat"?
What film genre was exemplified by "Double Indemnity" and "The Maltese Falcon"?
Film Noir
Who was assassinated in New Delhi in 1948?
What French fashion designer and perfumer was suspected of being a Nazi spy?
In what French region would you find Omaha, Juno, and Gold beaches?
What new country was led by David Ben-Gurion?
At what university did J.R.R. Tolkien teach?
What was the name of the American and British effort to develop an atomic bomb?
Manhattan Project
Who directed "Citizen Kane"?
Who wrote the play "Death of a Salesman"?
What name was given to Japanese suicide pilots?
What American program gave massive amounts of aid to help rebuild Europe?
Marshall Plan
What would you find on Carmen Miranda's hat?
What bebopping saxophonist was known as "Bird"?
What musical featured the songs "Some Enchanted Evening" and "Bali Ha'i"?
To what island did Chiang Kai-shek flee?
What brutal leader was called "Uncle Joe" in an attempt to soften his image?
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level 76
Jun 13, 2015
The song it titled "As Time Goes By."
level 75
Jun 13, 2015
Yes - You must remember this.......
level 60
Jun 13, 2015
That's the second time that's happened.
level ∞
Mar 3, 2017
Finally fixed
level 59
Nov 29, 2017
....a sigh is just a sigh.....
level 66
Jun 13, 2015
Carmen MIRANDA, not Carmen SANDIEGO! I could not get my brain to realize I was confused. Kept answering stuff like hat band... D'oh!
level 60
Jun 13, 2015
And I read it as "Where would you find Carmen Miranda's hat?". Sadly, "Carmen Miranda's head" was equally incorrect.
level 40
Jan 20, 2017
I am so nostalgic for that time, even though I hadn't been born as yet, my parents made it seem so REAL and EXCITING! - So much more so than the dull history books depicting the era.
level 56
Nov 28, 2017
I don't know that I'd characterize the period dominated by the bloodiest conflict in recent history as "exciting."
level 51
Nov 29, 2017
Well it certainly wouldn't have been boring
level 40
Dec 18, 2017
My parents did! - Given the mundane existence of the '30s, the '40s came alive! Yes, there was, sadly, danger and death but living on the edge is a particular high for some.
level 72
Nov 30, 2017
My brothers were born during the war, and my parents made it seem real, too, talking about sugar and gasoline rationing, working in a torpedo factory, friends missing in action - but I don't think they ever felt nostalgia or excitement for those years. Their tone was more one of weariness when they remembered those times. But I think I understand what you're saying - it was a very unique time in our history and the men and women who lived through it had amazing stories to tell.
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