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1970s Movie Trivia

Answer these questions about the movies and stars of the 1970s.
Last updated: July 05, 2017
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What orange-colored creatures worked in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory?
Oompa Loompas
What movie featured the song "Beauty School Dropout"?
What island was the ancestral home of the Corleone family?
Who was the voice of Darth Vader?
James Earl Jones
Who died of mysterious causes in Hong Kong in 1973?
Bruce Lee
In what country did the movie "Mad Max" take place?
What musical group recorded six of the songs on the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack?
The Bee Gees
What heavyweight champion did Rocky fight against?
Apollo Creed
What 13-year old actress received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for
her role in the movie "Taxi Driver"?
Jodie Foster
Who was Harold's much much older girlfriend?
What James Bond movie took place in outer space?
Who was the villain in the movie "Halloween"?
Michael Myers
Whose music does the main character of "A Clockwork Orange" love to listen to?
What cult movie has inspired audiences to throw rice, toast, and hot dogs at the screen?
The Rocky Horror
Picture Show
What American general was portrayed by George C. Scott?
George S. Patton
What movie was a Vietnam War version of the book "Heart of Darkness"?
Apocalypse Now
In what city did "Dirty Harry" take place?
San Francisco
What Monty Python movie was about a man who is mistaken for Jesus?
Life of Brian
What sexy actress was a perfect "10"?
Bo Derek
Who directed "Annie Hall"?
Woody Allen
level 74
Aug 9, 2015
Hm... was only alive for six months of this decade but surprisingly still knew all of these.
level 74
Aug 9, 2015
I was expecting my third child when you were born, but you scored better than I did. I've never seen Halloween or A Clockwork Orange, and I knew Apollo Creed but just couldn't quite pull the name from the cobwebs in time.
level 28
Mar 2, 2018
I know right? It's almost as if movies can be seen in later decades..
level 74
Mar 2, 2018
I've never actually seen most of these movies, but I know of them.
level 74
Aug 9, 2015
What film are Harold and Maude from?
level 74
Dec 12, 2018
I hope you're joking. It's Harold and Maude.
level 52
Aug 9, 2015
Surprised to see the Bee Gees as the highest guessed answer. Figured it'd be Grease which I totally drew a blank on. D:
level 68
Aug 10, 2015
19/20 and I'm only 11 days old!
level 57
Aug 11, 2015
Took the quiz 2 consecutive days. Still could not remember Rocky Horror and James earl Jones. Did get Mike Myers but tied him to SNL
level 65
Feb 16, 2016
I highly suggest you watch Rocky horror picture show
level 36
Aug 14, 2017
Everyone needs to watch that film. There is nothing like it and it's my favourite movie of all time.
level 43
Oct 27, 2016
Great quiz, but i tried so many different versions of "Oompa Loompa" and never got one that would take, can you make it accept umpa lumpa as well?
level ∞
Jul 5, 2017
level 59
Mar 2, 2018
For the Clockwork Orange question, all I could think of is the "Singin' in the Rain" scene...
level 66
Mar 3, 2018
Glad to see "Ludwig van" is accepted :)
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