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2000's American TV Trivia #1

Answer these television questions from the years 2000-2009.
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First submittedJanuary 30, 2015
Last updatedJanuary 31, 2015
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Who lived in a pineapple under the sea?
SpongeBob SquarePants
What show is named after the town where Superman grew up?
Who said "what the deuce"?
Stewie Griffin
During what ceremony could one get voted off the island?
Tribal Council
Before he was Walter White, what show did Bryan Cranston star in?
Malcolm in the Middle
What character killed over 250 people in just 192 hours?
Jack Bauer
Who impersonated Sarah Palin, saying "I can see Russia from my house"?
Tina Fey
What did the characters from "CSI" say when they wanted
to make a digital picture less grainy?
Who was the star of "Lizzie McGuire"?
Hillary Duff
What family owned a banana stand and drove a stair car?
What Geico advertising characters had a short-lived sitcom?
What TV host badly roasted George Bush at the White House Correspondents Dinner?
Stephen Colbert
Who was the original host of the U.S. version of "Whose Line is it Anyway"?
Drew Carey
What serial killer killed other serial killers?
Dexter Morgan
What show tried to debunk or confirm urban legends?
What drug was Dr. House addicted to?
What was Ashton Kutcher's version of "Candid Camera"?
What was the #1 most watched-show for most of the decade?
American Idol
What was the President's name on "West Wing"?
Josiah Bartlet
What state did the Soprano family live in?
New Jersey
level 76
May 13, 2015
Just like "John Adams" normally doesn't mean "John Quincy Adams", "George Bush" normally doesn't mean "George W. Bush".
level 76
May 20, 2015
Not really
level 54
May 21, 2015
Think about it for just a second. This is a quiz focused solely on the 2000s. Which Bush was president during that decade, and which one wasn't?
level 76
May 21, 2015
Also, of the two presidents, Jr is more famous than Sr., and served longer as president. The father has middle initials, as well. George HW Bush. He is not the default George Bush.
level 70
May 20, 2015
I know this isn't the answer you're looking for with Bryan Cranston, since it was a guest role, but lest us not forget Tim Watley (Seinfeld).
level 77
May 20, 2015
We should never forget Tim Watley for fear of being branded an anti-dentite, but that was in the 90's so wouldn't apply to this quiz anyway.
level 54
Sep 22, 2016
17, which is good enough for five points. I guess I used to watch too much TV...