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4-Letter Geography Chain #2

For each hint, enter a 4-letter word. The last letter of this word will be the first letter of the next word.
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Country in Mesopotamia
Wharf; jetty; pier
City in northern England
Traditional Scottish lower body garment
Staple crop of Polynesia
Capital of Norway
Yemen's neighbor
French for "north"
Small, partially-wooded valley
Scottish for lake
Germany is the #2 producer of
this beer ingredient
National sport of Japan
International oil cartel
Landlocked country between Sudan and Niger
The Pantheon, Hagia Sophia, and
Taj Mahal all have one
Mediterranean island where Napoleon was exiled
Shape of Saint Louis's most famous landmark
Rwanda's largest ethnic group
Official language of Pakistan
The Great Salt Lake can be found here
Word following Notting, Bunker, and Palatine
Country in Indochina
Term for a poor, dense, urban neighborhood
Country where Timbuktu can be found
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level 75
Mar 6, 2018
Nice, I like these!
level 73
May 26, 2018
Yes, and when I get 100% I like them even better! :)
level 33
May 26, 2018
I'm not that good at these. Only got a few. I'm really surprised I got the Timbuktu question on my first try (Mali)
level 46
May 26, 2018
Is it bad that one of the many things I tried for the Polynesia question was "taco" before finally giving up?
level 56
May 26, 2018
I remember studying the Polynesian crop, and discovered alcohol within them. Yip, there was whisky in the taro....
level 44
May 26, 2018
I'm pretty sure the official name of the city is St. Louis rather than "Saint" Louis. Everyone should know what you mean but it looks kinda funny.
level 53
May 26, 2018
Yeah, that got me a little confused. At first I thought "What the heck is Saint Louis? Is that an island that I don't know?". Figured it out eventually though.
level 51
May 26, 2018
Perhaps a little too easy for my liking.
level 31
May 28, 2018
National Sport of Japan is not sumo, but Baseball
level 60
May 28, 2018
Isn't that (baseball) just the most popular sport, as opposed to the official national sport?
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