6-Letter Movie Chain #1

For each hint, enter a 6-letter word. The last letter of this word will be the first letter of the next word.
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Last updated: March 9, 2018
First submittedDecember 19, 2015
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I'm going to make him an offer he can't …
Mr. Scissorhands
Unchained slave portrayed by Jaimie Foxx
Bond villain with a killer top hat
Rocky's last name
Rainman's disorder
City often shown in political thrillers
- and where it's always snowing
Costner movie: Dances With ______
Name shouted by Stanley in
"A Streetcar Named Desire"
Sequel to "Alien"
Actress with 21 Oscar nominations
Adam Sandler movie about
video games come to life
Messy poltergeist from "Ghostbusters"
Cujo's disease
Wes Craven horror movie
Comic book company behind
dozens of movies
Hannibal's last name
Tom Cruise movie: Minority ______
Ben Stiller movie: ______ Thunder
There's no ______ in baseball
Bruce Wayne's hometown
Song from "Flashdance"
Chong's comedic partner
Where all dogs go when they die
Movie starring Eddie Murphy
and Eddie Murphy
Type of movie that has sound
Schwarzenegger movie about the
witness protection program
Level 81
Dec 19, 2015
I wanted the Adam Sandler movie to be called Pacman.
Level 76
Dec 20, 2015
Level 53
Mar 28, 2016
I wanted it to be called off.
Level 64
May 16, 2017
Level 69
Dec 22, 2015
What the? I missed only one answer yet got just 2 points...
Level 74
Dec 22, 2015
I think points values change depending on the average. I was taking the northernmost countries quiz, missed one answer and still got only one point because the average was so high.
Level 63
Mar 28, 2016
On the Norbit clue, it says it is played Eddie Murphy twice. You mean Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy
Level 89
Mar 28, 2016
Pretty sure it's correct as it stands, as he played multiple roles in the movie.
Level 65
Mar 9, 2018
It aint pretty to look at but the DVD cover and movie poster actually list Eddie Murphy in a nod to the fact that he plays multiple parts often in the same scene: https://www.dvdsreleasedates.com/posters/800/N/Norbit-movie-poster.jpg
Level 33
Mar 29, 2016
great quiz
Level 43
Mar 29, 2016
read the clue for Frodo and Bilbo as 'Relation to Frodo and Bilbo'. *facepalm
Level 70
Dec 3, 2017
Chong and Cheech? Never heard of them. What films have they been in, save me a trip to Google.
Level 81
Dec 3, 2017
For some reason it's "Cheech and Chong". They are a couple of potheads. Ex introduced me to the movies.
Level 78
Aug 31, 2020
They were big in the early '70s doing stand up comedy and stoner movies - Up in Smoke and Born in East LA are the ones I remember seeing. Their "Dave's Not Here" sketch was a classic. I thought they were funny even though I was never high. Supposedly they were hilarious if you watched them while high. Cheech Marin is still around - I see him occasionally in guest shots on TV. The last movies I remember him in were Christmas with the Kranks - he played the older police officer, and Tin Cup. Tommy Chong is still acting, too, but I can't think of anything I've see him in. I remember his daughter, Rae Dawn Chong, played the female prisoner in that strange, prehistoric movie, Quest for Fire. She won awards for her performance even though there was no dialogue at all - just a lot of grunting and sniffing.
Level 67
Dec 5, 2017
The Bond villain wears a bowler not a top hat. Good quiz though!
Level 75
Mar 9, 2018
In the novel it's a bowler. In the film it looks like something between a bowler and a top hat. Wikipedia calls it a Sandringham hat, but I'm not sure if that's right.
Level 65
Jan 29, 2018
Never heard of a "talkie". I learned something.
Level 73
Sep 18, 2020
yep...called a talkie because you can hear them talking...much like movies are call such because you can see them moving :-)
Level 66
Mar 9, 2018
Raindude was idiot savant, not austistic.
Level 83
May 7, 2018
He had both autism *and* was a savant.
Level 78
Aug 31, 2020
Savant syndrome is now used instead of "idiot savant". It's a very rare disorder and about one percent of non-autistic people have it while some believe as many as a third or more of autistic people have some form of it - I personally don't believe the number is that high, but I'm not an expert I have a family member with autism. Savants usually have low IQs, while around half of autistics have average or high IQs. As Theodore indicated, the character in Rain Man was an autistic savant.
Level 60
Jun 24, 2020
Rainman was not the character with the disorder. That was how the character with the disorder pronounced Rainman's real name when they were children.
Level 46
Aug 31, 2020
unless being a Scientologist is considered a disorder, you might be mistaken
Level 73
Sep 18, 2020
Rainman was Raymond Babbitt, played by Dustin Hoffman. His younger brother Charlie (Tom Cruise) called him Rainman because he couldn't say Raymond. But yes, the one with the disorder was in fact "Rainman" Babbitt.
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