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Actors by Role

Can you guess these actors, based on a description of three roles they played?
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Fighter pilot, sports agent, paralyzed Vietnam vet
Clownish doctor, British nanny, genie
Hollywood escort, environmental litigant, flighty fiancé
Mathematical genius, Mars explorer, amnesiac spy
Wealthy slave owner, teenage con artist, sexy seductor in steerage
Bible-quoting gangster, Jedi Knight, secret agent with an eye patch
Demonic fashionista, British politican, divorcée in a custody battle
New York gold digger, Cockney in need of voice lessons, vacationer in the Eternal City
Hawaiian demi-god, Greek hero, lifeguard
Hard-boiled San Francisco cop, bareknuckles brawler, National Geographic photographer
Mob money manager, blind superhero, husband accused of murder
Cat burglar, heir to the throne of a small country, Bridezilla
Man inside a computer, lazy dude, beaten-down old country singer
Deep sea explorer, golf course groundskeeper, fat orange cat
Austrian governess, British nanny, queen of a far away land
Elf, Queen Elizabeth, evil stepmother
Former fascist, bulky green superhero, brawler with a split personality
Identical twin, new girl in school, Volkswagen Beetle racer
Pirate, Mad Hatter, Ichabod Crane
Gay codebreaker, outer space villain, Wikileaker
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level 70
Sep 21, 2017
Great quiz. More like this.
level 67
Sep 22, 2017
Damn, I suck with actresses. I got all the actors but two, and missed all the actresses but 1.
level 80
Sep 22, 2017
Whew! Finished with 6 seconds left. Perfect time allotment.
level 63
Sep 22, 2017
Dr. Strange is more an anti-hero than a villain. I would go so far as to say he's actually a protagonist. This is going off the recent movie, anyway.
level ∞
Sep 22, 2017
Dr. Strange? We're talking about KHHHAAANNNN!
level 73
Feb 10, 2018
yeah what the heck are you talking about? ...though.. in the same movie he also played Dormammu and he's kinda sorta an "outer space villain"
level 57
Feb 11, 2018
Totally drew a blank on Samuel L. Jackson and Julie Andrews. And considering how many times I've seen The Big Lebowski, I'm a bit embarrassed to have missed Jeff Bridges as well.
level 64
Feb 12, 2018
Foiled by Audrey Hepburn!! Grrrrrrr.
level 62
Feb 12, 2018
'Fiance' is masculine. Julia Roberts isn't.
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