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Actors by Role #2

Can you guess these actors, based on a description of three roles they played?
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: December 7, 2019
First submittedSeptember 28, 2017
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Killer robot, pregnant man, non-identical twin
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mafia casino operator, intimidating father-in-law, vigilante cabbie
Robert de Niro
British archaelogist, fairy tale villain, assassin whose husband is also an assassin
Angelina Jolie
Mentally unstable ballerina, friend of a Norse god, Jackie Kennedy
Natalie Portman
Wild west gunslinger, alcoholic superhero, golf caddy
Will Smith
Pregnant teenager, roller derby participant, near-death experimenter
Ellen Page
Inmate in a Maine prison, southern chauffeur, God
Morgan Freeman
Paranormal psychiatrist, New York cop in a Los Angeles high rise, voice of a baby
Bruce Willis
Frequent flier, casino thief, chain gang escapee
George Clooney
Las Vegas bachelor party attendee, sniper, raccoon
Bradley Cooper
Winter caretaker of a Colorado hotel, hilarious supervillain, Boston crime lord
Jack Nicholson
Lamp-loving weatherman, long-nosed villain, Proust scholar
Steve Carell
Austistic card counter, 1960s college graduate, transvestite actor
Dustin Hoffman
Cuban immigrant, Italian-American crime boss, literally the devil
Al Pacino
Superhero's girlfriend, zombie apocalypse survivor, 1970s tennis legend
Emma Stone
FBI agent hunting a serial killer, underage prostitute, feral woman living in the woods
Jodie Foster
Disco dancer, L.A. hit man, high school greaser
John Travolta
Chicago Prohibition enforcer, Robin Hood, friend to Native Americans
Kevin Costner
level 55
Nov 4, 2017
steve carell wasn't a lamp-loving weatherman; that was will ferrell
level 77
Feb 8, 2018
Ferrell was the anchor. Carell was the weatherman who said, "I love lamp", to which Ferrell replied, "Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?"
level 62
Mar 14, 2018
Love it when people post stuff like this that's so completely wrong. Makes me smile. Like, look at how sure he was that he was right about the weatherman being Will Ferrell. It's adorable!
level 63
Mar 14, 2018
60% of the time, he's right every time.
level 78
Sep 20, 2018
You must be satisfied all day long on the internet. You probably satisfy plenty of like-minded individuals.
level 67
Mar 14, 2018
How about allowing a few mis-spellings of Arnie's surname? It ain't the easiest to get right. I tried about 20 variations.
level 48
Mar 14, 2018
Just type Arnold. Most quizzes on this site will accept that.
level 71
Mar 14, 2018
In this case I usually switch to Google and copy in the correct spelling
level 39
Mar 14, 2018
It works as soon as you put 'Arnold' in, so .... surely you're not spelling that wrong??
level 37
Apr 13, 2018
You should get it by now. Schwarzenegger is on virtually every quiz on this site that has do with virtually anything!- I've had to type in his name no fewer than 8 times today alone, which irks me because I can't stand him!.
level 63
Mar 14, 2018
Maybe I'm parsing the profession wrong, but paranormal psychiatrist makes it sound like his job was to investigate the paranormal psychiatrically. The character was a child psychiatrist.
level 67
Mar 14, 2018
I agree - I went through all four Ghostbusters based on that clue.
level 63
Mar 14, 2018
I got it right because "New York cop in a Los Angeles high rise" is so specific that it can only be one person, but I agree that after reading "paranormal psychiatrist," I immediately thought it was one of the Ghosbusters. The character in the Sixth Sense is a regular child psychiatrist who happens to be dead.
level 77
Mar 20, 2018
Spoiler alert.
level 44
Mar 14, 2018
Robert De Niro. Capital "D." He is not *of* Niro - his actual surname is De Niro.
level 74
Mar 31, 2018
For Dustin Hoffman clue, there is a typo in 'Autistic card counter'.
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