Alliteration by Letter - G

Based on the clues, name these alliterative answers that start with the letter G.
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Last updated: December 8, 2019
First submittedSeptember 19, 2013
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Famous San Francisco bridge
Golden Gate
Zeus or Poseidon, for example
Greek God
"Great balls of fire!"
Goodness Gracious
"Miss Molly!"
Good Golly
Hollywood film and TV award
Golden Globe
Vehicle with poor fuel mileage
Gas Guzzler
Spider-Man's enemy, aka
Norman Osborn
Green Goblin
Charlie Brown's catchphrase
Good Grief
F. Scott Fitzgerald book
Great Gatsby
What a turkey says
Gobble Gobble
Large planet not made of solid matter
Gas Giant
Something in the atmosphere that
contributes to global warming
Greenhouse Gas
This will end a soccer game instantly
Golden Goal
He discovered Jupiter's moons
Galileo Galilei
"Wonder Woman" actress
Gal Gadot
Two words uttered by a gracious loser
Good Game
Fictional tycoon who said "greed is good"
Gordon Gekko
Person who is very large but also kind
Gentle Giant
TV show about four older women
who live together
Golden Girls
Level 50
Sep 20, 2013
100% 2:04. All those golden answers. Here are a few more:

golden grahams

golden goose

golden fleece

golden corral

Level 60
Sep 20, 2013
Since Golden Fleece and Golden Corral fit so nicely into the alliteration quiz.
Level 53
May 5, 2014
Level 71
Feb 15, 2018
There's only three "golden" answers, it's not that many. THere's also three "good" ones, four if you include "goodness gracious"
Level 80
Dec 31, 2018
"gas giant" isn't alliterative, is it? Different sounds start each word. Maybe they could replace that one.
Level 80
Oct 4, 2019
nvm. One definition of alliteration is about letters not sounds.
Level 69
Aug 13, 2014
I cant believe I missed Great Gatsby because I thought only about Jay Gatsby... :p
Level 74
Dec 30, 2017
Maybe introduce Greta Garbo for the next iteration...
Level 50
Aug 2, 2018
"Gone Girl"
Level 66
Aug 17, 2018
Greg Graffin
Level 74
Feb 11, 2019
'Gas giant' is not an alliteration.
Level 67
Aug 26, 2019
(joke) Maybe English should make up their mind and decide how they want to pronounce certain letters.. guh or dzj for G
Level 67
Nov 7, 2019
or zh, as in garage ;)
Level 21
Oct 4, 2019
Gas Giant is not alliterative. It is not sufficient for the words to begin with the same letter (nor is it necessary, incidentally); it is necessary and sufficient for the words to begin with the same phoneme.
Level 40
Feb 18, 2020
Totally agree
Level 67
Nov 7, 2019
Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh. Missed Great Gatsby because my eyes overlooked it when I was taking that quiz.... otherwise I would certainly have got it..... in fact it is one of the texts we are learning in English class.....
Level 56
Feb 18, 2020
In this kind of quiz it is not acceptable (imoh) to let surnames clear an answer. You want alliterations, don't accept single answers!
Level 47
Mar 13, 2020
I couldn't think of an answer than 99% of people got :(
Level 45
Mar 15, 2020
Level 45
Mar 15, 2020
Only 53% for Gal Gadot?