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Alliteration by Letter - H

Based on the clues, guess these alliterative answers that start with the letter H.
Last updated: December 29, 2017
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Stiletto shoe
High Heels
Donkey's noise
Hee Haw
Where ghosts live
Haunted House
Andre the Giant's rival
Hulk Hogan
Playboy founder
Hugh Hefner
Decapitated villain who terrorizes
the resident of Sleepy Hollow
Headless Horseman
Aviation billionaire and
Las Vegas recluse
Howard Hughes
Politically correct alternative
to "Merry Christmas"
Happy Holidays
Male spouse who stays at home
House Husband
U.S. President when
the Great Depression started
Herbert Hoover
Musical genre of Tupac Shakur
and the Beastie Boys
Hip Hop
History's most famous escape artist
Harry Houdini
Cut of the pig also known as
pork knuckle
Ham Hock
Toy that is a circular plastic ring
Hula Hoop
Place for the recently paroled
Halfway House
Construction worker's headwear
Hard Hat
Time for cheaper drinks
Happy Hour
Corporate recruiter or
trophy-gathering savage
Head Hunter
It's bad news if a fox or rooster
gets in here
Hen House
level 29
Dec 19, 2016
I put 'hee haa' for donkey. Why didn't that work?
level 61
Jan 19, 2017
Because it's hee haw.
level 54
Dec 3, 2018
level 61
Jan 19, 2017
Helga Hufflepuff! HOW could I have missed THAT?!?
level 70
Dec 30, 2017
Since it's not an answer, I hope you did
level 54
Dec 3, 2018
Henry Higgins! How could I have missed that?
level 68
Dec 28, 2017
Doesn't alliteration usually apply more to the initial sounds rather than letters? I'm not sure if I'd consider "happy hour" to be alliteration
level 66
Feb 25, 2018
level 63
Dec 4, 2018
level 73
Dec 29, 2017
pork knuckle...tee hee...
level 47
Dec 5, 2018
I tried Ham Hand...
level 69
Dec 31, 2017
Oy. I have what I know would be considered nitpicks about some of the hints and so I am apprehensive about listing them. But the fact that there are so many in one quiz is unusual, and really lowers its overall quality, compared to most quizzes on the site.
level 72
Jan 6, 2018
It's too bad when all feedback gets lumped in as "nitpicking" -- some definitely would make the quizzes better. Oh well. Looks like the comments have been deleted anyway.
level 74
Dec 3, 2018
I found this one to be quite easy whether flawed or not.
level 36
Mar 15, 2018
Make sure you don't expect everyone to know your version of that donkey onomatopeia
level 45
Mar 23, 2018
Happy Holiday was not accepted!!!!
level 74
Aug 20, 2018
Since the entire point of the phrase "Happy Holidays" is to acknowledge that there is more than one holiday, I'm pretty okay with it not accepting the singular.
level 49
May 28, 2018
I don't think Happy Hour is an alliteration. Alliterations start with the sound.
level 58
Aug 3, 2018
Ghosts aren't bound to houses right? Poltergeister usually are.
level 45
Dec 3, 2018
Did you get the answer?
level 64
Dec 3, 2018
Would it be OK to accept "house hubby"?
level 65
Dec 3, 2018
Technically, ghosts don't "live" anywhere. :-D
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