Alliterative Names Quiz

Guess these alliterative names, real and fictional.
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Last updated: February 9, 2015
First submittedMay 1, 2012
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Alan Alda
"The Price is Right"
Bob Barker
Silent film star
Charlie Chaplin
Diminutive "Twins" star
Danny Devito
"The Mighty Ducks"
Emilio Estevez
Fred Flintstone
Italian astronomer
Galileo Galilei
Great Depression president
Herbert Hoover
The Russian equivalent of
"John Doe"
Ivan Ivanovich
Super Bowl scandal-maker
Janet Jackson
Alter-ego of Santa Clause
Kris Kringle
Julia Roberts' ex-husband
Lyle Lovett
Here he comes to save the day!
Mighty Mouse
"48 Hrs"
Nick Nolte
Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne
Spiderman's alter-ego
Peter Parker
Teacher who got body-snatched
by Voldemort
Quirinus Quirrell
Oldest President in U.S. history
Ronald Reagan
"Maltese Falcon" protagonist
Sam Spade
CNN founder
Ted Turner
Relief pitcher and murder attempter
Ugueth Urbina
"Wedding Crashers"
Vince Vaughn
"Leaves of Grass"
Walt Whitman
World Cup head-butter
Zinedine Zidane
Level 55
May 4, 2012
I get so used to just typing in the last name, I tried typing in just "mouse" and it didn't work. Maybe that was intentional on your part, though, change it if you feel like it haha.
Level 57
May 4, 2012
I did the same thing, hahah.
Level 42
Jun 8, 2012
Me too.
Level 39
May 4, 2012
For a second there, I thought it said Italian drummer
Level 19
May 5, 2012
You should accept 'Flinstone', too...
Level 42
Jun 8, 2012
Wait, what?? Why? Should we accept every wrong answer that has a letter missing? I'm just sayin'.
Level 34
Mar 12, 2013
bob barker ?!?!?! bob barker !?!?!? who the heck is that "price is right" begins with B it has to be bruce Forsyth !!!!
Level 50
Aug 8, 2014
It's alliterative...
Level 83
Apr 6, 2015
By all accounts Bob Barker is the right answer. Not only is it alliterative (as is the theme of this quiz) but Bob Barker hosted the American version (i.e. original version) from 1972-2007. The British version didn't start until the 80's and Bruce Forsyth didn't host it until the 90's. Therefore, you are an idiot.
Level 75
Sep 7, 2016
Or maybe you take comments too seriously
Level 17
Aug 14, 2013
for Q you should add Quirinus Quirrel from Harry Potter
Level 50
Aug 8, 2014
No, he shouldn't. Because Quinine Squirrel and Hairy Plotter are terrible. I refuse to afford them even the small dignity of their original names.
Level 79
Jun 2, 2015
Just curious - have you read any of the books?
Level 77
Nov 27, 2015
Please stop slagging off the HP books. There are probably books you like that many would disregard as utter trash.
Level 74
May 18, 2014
For superbowl scandal maker you should accept Jimmy Johnson because it's a scandal for the cowboys to have ever won a superbowl.
Level 69
Jul 7, 2019
If that's the case Jerry Jones would also apply (and I guessed that 1st LOL)
Level 88
Jun 2, 2015
There shouldn't be an 'e' in Santa Claus.
Level 33
Jun 2, 2015
yeah I thought you meant from the movie Santa Clause with Tim Allen.
Level 59
Jun 2, 2015
Super Bowl scandal-maker.

You should give a better clue.

Maybe include the word(s) half-time?

Level 79
Jun 2, 2015
I'm going to whine as well; I spent half the time trying to think of football players with the initials J.J. Never even considered that the clue wasn't related to the actual game!
Level 65
Nov 9, 2016
For "R," since when was Donald Trump alliterative? needs to (unfortunately) be fixed now.
Level 60
Jan 22, 2017
Is Donald Trump the oldest president?
Level 69
Mar 7, 2017
Yes. Reagan turned 70 a month after his inauguration. Trump turned 70 a month before his inauguration.
Level 68
Aug 22, 2018
No, Trump was the oldest person to become President, as he was 70 when inaugurated. Reagan is the oldest person to be President, as he was 77 when he left office and Trump is not that old yet.
Level 73
Dec 11, 2017
Damn. Were you that upset that you came here and dug up this quiz on the very night of his election? (It really was very upsetting, I'll give it to you.)
Level 65
Jan 2, 2018
Ronald Reagan was 77 years, 349 days when he left office. Trump is "only" 71. Yes, Trump was the oldest of any president when starting his first term, but you'll have to wait and see if Trump is in office for another 7 years before the record changes.
Level 69
Jan 18, 2018
Alter ego of Santa?

REALLY? Is that from a film, or an Americanism that hasn't made it over the pond, cos i have never heard that before in my life.

Level 68
Aug 22, 2018
It's... complicated. During the Protestant Revolution of the late 16th/early 17th centuries, Martin Luther wanted to discourage people from praying to saints, and part of that was to disassociate Saint Nicholas and Christmas. Instead, he started the idea that the Christmas gift-giver was actually Jesus as a baby: the Christ-child (or Christkindl). They also changed the gift-giving day from December 6 (St. Nicholas' Day) to Christmas Eve to strengthen the association. Ironically, the Christ-child especially caught on with the Catholic community in Germany in the 19th century, and ended up spreading to many Catholic countries in Latin America, where he is still popular as the main gift-bringer.

It ALSO spread to the Pennsylvania Dutch (who were actually German) in the US, where Christkindl got corrupted into "Kriss Kringle." That spread and got conflated with the actual-Dutch Sinter Klaas (Saint Nicholas) which had itself become "Santa Claus."

Level 68
Aug 22, 2018
The association became especially popular and widespread after the 1947 movie Miracle on 34th Street, where the character who presents himself as the actual Santa Claus uses Kris Kringle as his "real" name.

Anyway, the name is used in a number of other countries, sometimes as another name for Santa Claus, sometimes still as the Christ-child (who may or may not be partners with Santa in gift-giving). But yes, using "Kris Kringle" as another name for "Santa Claus" is primarily a North American thing.

Level 50
Jan 19, 2018
Didn't realise that this was alphabetical, one answer per letter, until the end. Could make that clearer in the title or instructions?
Level 71
Feb 19, 2019
And what's the relevance of this quiz to the price of fish?