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The American Civil War Trivia

Name these facts about the U.S. Civil War.
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Last updated: September 22, 2015
First submittedJuly 17, 2013
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U.S. President (1861-65)
Abraham Lincoln
President of the Confederacy
Jefferson Davis
Capital of the Confederacy (1861-65)
Most well-known Confederate general
Robert E. Lee
Village where the above commander surrendered
Appomattox Court House
First state to secede
South Carolina
Location of the war's first battle
Fort Sumter
First major land battle
First Battle of Bull Run
Famous Pennsylvania battle
Battle of Gettysburg
Fool-hardy Confederate charge at that battle
Pickett's Charge
Bloodiest single day in American history, and the first battle on Union soil
Battle of Antietam
General who "marched to the sea"
William Tecumseh Sherman
Abolitionist who raided Harper's Ferry in 1859
John Brown
Name for the era after the war (1865-77)
"Do-nothing" commander of the Union Army
George B. McClellan
Final commander of the Union Army
Ulysses S. Grant
Proclamation that freed the slaves in the rebelling states
Emancipation Proclamation
Dueling ironclad ships
General Thomas Jackson's nickname
level 20
Aug 15, 2013
I can't believe I missed the Monitor!!!! Great quiz.
level 71
Aug 15, 2013
I typed in "emanciptation" and it didn't work!! What gives??
level ∞
Aug 15, 2013
I don't know. What the heck is emanciptation?
level 53
Jul 10, 2018
well technically that child was wrong. Emancipation is different than Emanciptation. I think the judges made the right call, I just think Alex Trebek could be a bit nicer and more diplomatic instead of making fun of the contestant.
level 52
Aug 15, 2013
20/20...hooray for the history nerds!
level 20
Nov 1, 2015
i know right- i also got 20/20
level 54
Aug 17, 2013
May be the first time that I have have ever gotten 100% working from top to bottom w/o skipping and going back. Thirty years teaching US History in the south has finally paid off!
level 34
Mar 10, 2014
If it takes 30 years to get a denouement, and just winning an online quiz at that, then I'm not sure if I want to be one of those...
level 51
Nov 29, 2017
What does that even mean? 'Denouement' doesn't even mean anything there, and even if it did, it sounds like you're implying that all @pamu has gotten out of being a Southern US history teacher is doing well on this quiz, which they never said.
level 77
Aug 17, 2013
Got most of these. Spent the first 8 years of my life a few miles from Bull Run. Used to go there in the winter to go sledding.
level 39
Oct 10, 2019
Manassas* not bull run ;)
level 63
Aug 19, 2013
I only got 10/20. Pitiful! Although I did get one right because I watched the "Who Do You Think You Are" episode with Kelly Clarkson yesterday and she was researching a relative who'd fought in the war. :)
level 68
Sep 6, 2013
Anyone who's studied the Civil War in detail for just a few months should easily ace this. I went to Gettysburg once and saw the sights. Excellent place. I'm somewhat obsessed with this era lately . . . perhaps I'll make a quiz about it someday.
level 76
Jun 8, 2016
G'burg was great as long as you stayed with the historic areas and didn't get caught in the tourist ripoffs in town.
level 76
Jun 29, 2018
Pickett's Charge Buffet with the windows literally 5 feet from the field? Very solemn. (No, I'm not making that up as a joke.)
level 8
May 9, 2014
I did it with 2:48 to spare! great quiz!
level 43
Apr 29, 2015
As people have already pointed out, this quiz is very slanted to the northern terminology. I happen to myself be a northerner, but the south had different names for the Battles of Bull Run (1st and 2nd Manassas) and Anteitam (Sharpsburg). In both cases, the Union terminology is more famous (while the southern names for certain other battles, like Shiloh, are the names most commonly used). The biggest issue is that you should change the answer to the Merrimack question to CSS Virginia. Merrimack should definitely be acceptable, but that ship was renamed by the Confederates and turned into an iron-plated ship very different than the Merrimack had been when it had been a Union ship. The Confederate name, CSS Virginia, should suffice as it was the name the ship was going by during its famous battle with the Monitor.
level 74
Jun 2, 2015
I agree. The North tended to name a battle after its geographic location, while the South favored using the name of the nearest town. Most historians count both as correct.
level 80
Jun 21, 2015
Agreed. Also, the name of the quiz ought to be "The War of Northern Aggression Trivia" instead of "American Civil War Trivia." :)
level ∞
Sep 22, 2015
CSS Virginia will work now.
level 45
Jun 21, 2016
History is written by the winners. The North won the war, so we use the North's names for the battles.
level 53
Jul 19, 2018
You must be great fun at parties.
level 53
Jun 8, 2016
I got fourteen or fifteen right without reading the questions.
level 57
Jun 8, 2016
20/20 with 1:59 left. Didn't really study civil war history...just learned it since grew up surrounded by it. The "dirty" Yankees burned our family home but the brick ground floor survived. The 2nd floor was rebuilt and, yep, we still live there. BTW, dirty Yankees was said by Scarlett O"Hara, so I used it for fun. It would be ungentlemanly of me to cast dispersions upon my northern brethren.
level 27
Dec 20, 2019
I am so sorry about what happened to you house. Hope y'all are doing better.
level 23
Jun 8, 2016
Who else read the title and thought it said CAPTAIN america civil war. lol
level 61
Jan 1, 2017
Dammit. Typed Sumpter and it didn't take. Thought there was a P in there.
level 56
May 12, 2017
Just finished "don't know much about the civil war", so naturally I got 20/20. John brown took me a minute though
level 57
Jul 26, 2018
Could be renamed American Civil War Basics.
level 47
Mar 17, 2019
Got them all with 2:48 remaining at 11:16:51 AM on March 17, 2019. A fun but easy quiz.