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American Football A-Z

Based on the clues, guess these answers that start with each letter A-Z.
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College team led by Bear Bryant
Coach / hoodie enthusiast
Darrelle Revis's position
Head coach of the '85 Bears
QB who played in 5 Super Bowls
All-time leader in
interceptions thrown
All-time receiving yards leader
among TE's
Trophy for the best college player
Franco Harris's
famous catch in 1972
Fastest player in Tecmo Bowl
Quarterback who refused to
stand for the National Anthem
The Frozen Tundra
Calvin Johnson's nickname
Defensive lineman who lines up
opposite the center
Nose Tackle
Former Houston team
Deion Sanders's nickname
Tom Brady's position
Montana's favorite target
Bears' stadium
1920's NFL star and
Olympic decathlon champ
Colts quarterback 1956-1972
University of Tennessee team name
2015 Defensive Player of the Year
Three _____ and a cloud of dust
Opposite of man defense
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level 79
Jul 17, 2013
It's not really called a "man" defense when receivers are covered individually. "One-on-one" or "man to man" are more appropriate terms, although it's not really accurate to call either the opposite of the zone. In my mind, at least, the opposite of the zone defense is "a winning football strategy".
level 52
Oct 18, 2013
You don't know very much football, do you?
level 66
Jun 19, 2014
It's referred to as "man" coverage in pretty much every football game I've ever seen.
level 37
Jul 21, 2017
level 67
Oct 18, 2013
College which discontinued football in 1973 = "Xavier"
level 44
Oct 18, 2013
Or "defunct competitor to NFL - XFL"
level 59
Feb 6, 2018
they won't be defunct soon.
level 54
May 6, 2014
Or "Term used refering to plays - Xs and Os"
level 70
Oct 5, 2017
Gaming system many kids use to play football in lieu of getting off their behinds and going outside and actually playing the game - Xbox.
level 70
Oct 5, 2017
Eventual label for anyone who attempts to coach the Cleveland Browns - X-coach :-)
level 35
Feb 6, 2018
or a pornographic video or movie - XXX
level 26
Feb 6, 2018
Everyone on the internet knows about that.
level 72
Feb 6, 2018
Just use "He Hate Me" for the XFL clue.
level 75
Oct 22, 2013
What is a "could" of dust?
level ∞
Oct 23, 2013
A typo!
level 75
Nov 28, 2016
Hall of Famer Jim Kelly would be a much better use for the K. Kaepernick is a crappy QB. Watt is a top player, but maybe Reggie White or Bill Walsh or Rod Woodson for W.
level 64
Feb 6, 2018
Actually, I thought the range of questions was really well done. As for Kaepernick, running qbs with 16 tds and 4 picks - yeah, those are a dime a dozen.
level 70
Oct 5, 2017
Got Tony Gonzalez only after trying Antonio Gates, and then Rob Gronkowski. Didn't realize so many top all-time Tight Ends' last names started with "G". It's a shame Gonzalez never got to play in a Super Bowl.
level 56
Feb 6, 2018
Gonzalez was just so good for so long. I think he might be second all-time among all receivers in pass catches (behind Jerry Rice). Gates and Gronk are both great, but they'll need to stay great for a long time to catch Gonzalez. I bet Jason Witten is way up there too.
level 68
Feb 6, 2018
I believe Gates has more tds than Gonzalez. Both great long term tight ends
level 58
Feb 6, 2018
Could Bill Belichick be accepted for B
level 47
Feb 6, 2018
this really needs an update. Brady played in his fifth super bowl in 2011. he's played in three more since then.
level 50
Feb 6, 2018
But B is already taken by Belichick. There is only one answer for each letter.
level 73
Feb 6, 2018
I wish more people knew about Jim Thorpe who was coached by "Pop" Warner. Check out the movie, "Jim Thorpe - All American." I'm glad they gave his Olympic medals back even if it was 30 years after his death.
level 27
Feb 6, 2018
I never tried (and failed) to spell Lambeau as much as I did for this quiz. Lembo, Lambo, Lembeau
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