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Answers Contain the Number One

All the answers contain "One". Based on the clue, guess the answer.
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Last updated: July 24, 2017
First submittedJanuary 1, 2012
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One heart, let's get together
and feel all right
One Love
It ended on 11/11/1918
World War One
U.S. President's aircraft
Air Force One
Boy band that is "Up All Night"
One Direction
Gollum's prized possession
One Ring
Grand Prix racing
Formula One
Nickname for a slot machine
One-armed Bandit
In the land of the blind, he is king
One-eyed Man
Former Chinese
family-planning doctrine
One-child Policy
Very short joke
One Liner
One's date to a wedding
Plus One
Rare golf accomplishment
Hole in One
Bikini alternative
One small step for man
___ _____ ____ for mankind
One Giant Leap
Channel on which Doctor Who appears
What is the sound of ___ ____ clapping?
One Hand
Musical act with just one famous song
One-hit Wonder
Video game console released in 2013
Xbox One
Anticipated California mega-quake
The Big One
What a brigadier general has
One Star
Official name of New York's
"Freedom Tower"
One World Trade
Chosen One
level 19
Jan 10, 2012
I put cyclops and man with one eye... grrrrr
level 69
Jul 1, 2018
You're not the only one. I tried "The one-eyed" and "the one eyed man" neither of which worked.
level 52
Oct 9, 2012
One trick pony for a band with one hit?
level 57
Aug 5, 2014
level 73
Jan 1, 2018
I was hoping One Direction would work for both
level 73
Jul 31, 2014
I hate to be that guy...but you misquoted Armstrong. There is no "all". And some say that there is an "a" before "man" or else the two parts of the quote mean the exact same thing as "man" = "mankind" in this case without the word "a."
level ∞
Aug 1, 2014
Removed the extraneous all.
level 33
Aug 5, 2014
you could accept precious one for gollum
level 32
Aug 5, 2014
Very challenging quiz . Only got 7/22 . :(
level 58
Nov 20, 2016
To be a pedant, Neil Armstrong said "One small step for A man"
level 73
Jan 3, 2018
Debatable. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Neil_Armstrong
level 81
Feb 10, 2019
As I have heard it explained, he planned to say that and may have actually said it, but in the transmission it just sounds like "for man". It does sound like it cuts out briefly so maybe just a poor transmission.
level 28
Jul 24, 2017
When doing this I couldn't get Robbie Rotten's voice out of my head.
level 68
Jul 26, 2017
Not to be picky, but "Marine One" is the name of the president's helicopter, which would also fall under the category "U.S. president's aircraft" and should be accepted
level 35
Aug 27, 2017
I was thinking this.
level 45
Jan 1, 2018
I tried Stevie ONE-der for the king of the land of the blind. Guess not.
level 57
Jan 2, 2018
You deserve applause for this, and a medal.
level 76
Jan 1, 2018
Had trouble with "Messiah" I knew it wasn't "A very naughty boy"
level 62
Jan 2, 2018
There is no channel "BBC One" in my TV market. How are people supposed to know what channel you are looking for, for the Dr. Who question?
level 63
Jan 3, 2018
And some channels show we-ones.
level 63
Jan 4, 2018
I got BBC One and I live in NZ. Guess some people are just bright...
level 76
Dec 7, 2018
You're supposed to make an educated guess.
level 65
Aug 30, 2019
You probably dó know doctor who originates is british and also that their main channels are bbc. So... 1+1
level 31
Feb 22, 2018
I thought the "Holy One" for Messiah... "Chosen One" seems a bit weird.
level 51
Aug 10, 2018
Chosen One is weird. That should be Neo...
level 74
May 13, 2019
Chosen one IS just wrong. Jesus wasn't chosen, he was sent. Mary was chosen to have the Baby. Joseph was chosen to be the father. Paul was chosen to be an evangelist, but Jesus was sent from God the Father.
level 66
Aug 14, 2018
May I suggest a OneRepublic addition, I had a long period of confusing them with One Direction, so I still have them paired up in the same drawer of my brain.
level 66
Aug 14, 2018
Also, One Piece is the all-time best selling manga, there's an interesting one.