Answers Contain the Number Seven

All the answers contain "Seven". Based on the clue, guess the answer.
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Last updated: July 28, 2014
First submittedJune 5, 2012
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Snow White's companions
Seven Dwarfs
Convenience store chain
James Bond
What Sinbad sailed
Seven Seas
Kurosawa film
Seven Samurai
Sprite alternative?
Marilyn Monroe movie
The Seven Year Itch
Gluttony, lust, etc...
Seven Deadly Sins
Geographical feature of Rome
Seven Hills
Type of stud poker
Hanging Gardens of Babylon, e.g.
Seven Wonders
What Harry Potter had to destroy
Seven Horcruxes
What you can't say on TV
Seven Dirty Words
Prudence, justice, faith, etc...
Seven Virtues
Land once ruled by the Targaryens
Seven Kingdoms
Highly effective people have these
Seven Habits
Will Smith movie
Seven Pounds
Minnesota "salad" with lots of mayo
Seven Layer Salad
The tallest point on each continent
Seven Summits
Barnard, Bryn Mawr, etc..
Seven Sisters
Level 32
Jun 5, 2012
15/20... hate Harry Potter questions
Level 52
Jan 1, 2014
second that
Level 60
Feb 6, 2015
Level 78
Feb 6, 2015
I love 'em.
Level 39
Feb 6, 2015
you're not supposed to get every question right all the time
Level 49
Feb 8, 2015
more people got the stupid harry potter question than the game of thrones one lol
Level 79
Dec 9, 2015
Because Game of Thrones is so much better...
Level 34
Sep 17, 2015
I guess you fellas are just a tad too old.
Level 78
Jan 9, 2016
Watch it. I'm a grandma and I love Harry Potter.
Level 47
Jun 5, 2012
The way I've always seen it is that Dwarf and Dwarfs are the correct terminology when concerning reality, and that Dwarves only refers to mythical creatures. Calling a group of little people a gathering of dwarves is insulting to them. Dwarfs is correct, but even that isn't truly PC today.
Level 22
Jan 20, 2014
wow only 9% got seven summits.
Level 77
May 21, 2014
For the record, 7UP is NEVER a substitute for Sprite. Totally unacceptable.
Level 81
Feb 6, 2015
Make 7 UP yours.
Level 76
Feb 6, 2015
Sierra Mist is even worse though.
Level 68
Feb 6, 2015
Based on reading comments since I started on this site: Definition of "trick" or "unfair" question = Something YOU don't know!
Level 60
Feb 6, 2015
Hear him!
Level 78
Feb 6, 2015
Yes, a general knowledge quiz must ask only about things with which I am familiar, and never, ever, teach me anything new! (Having said that, I think all the sports quizzes during their playoff seasons get a bit much. A few are okay by me, but not one or two every day for weeks, please.)
Level 46
May 7, 2015
I typed in every version of "se7en"I could think of and only realized that it wasn't Will Smith who starred in it afterwards.
Level 81
Mar 7, 2019
I get him and Gwyneth Paltrow confused all the time.
Level 72
Mar 7, 2019
Besides, that answer would have been a little too easy.
Level 58
Mar 7, 2019
I cant believe how many people go the Seven Sisters question wrong.