State Quiz - Arkansas

Can you guess these facts about the U.S. state of Arkansas?
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Last updated: September 3, 2019
First submittedSeptember 2, 2019
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Capital of Arkansas
Little Rock
River that forms Arkansas's eastern border
Mississippi River
Ex-governor who became President of the U.S.
Bill Clinton
Ex-governor who ran for President in 2008 and 2016
Mike Huckabee
Birthplace of both governors
Mountain range of northern Arkansas
National park (hint: geothermal)
Hot Springs
World's largest company by revenue
City where the above is headquartered
"Ring of Fire" singer born in Kingsland
Johnny Cash
Federal troops were called in to end this practice in schools in the 1950s
This "fort" is Arkansas's second biggest city
Fort Smith
City on the Texas border that is named for both states
Team name of the University of Arkansas
State nickname
The Natural State
Level 88
Sep 3, 2019
Great quiz, thank you.
Level 81
Dec 26, 2019
Driving through Arkansas along I-40 in 2002 it was kind of beautiful seeing so many stereotypes come to life before your very eyes. Spent one night in Little Rock but that didn't help much on this quiz.
Level 78
Dec 26, 2019
What did you mean by "kind of beautiful seeing so many stereotypes come to life"? Please forgive me if I'm assuming incorrectly, but it seemed that you were disparaging the state. Arkansas is a beautiful state. My husband's family lives there and I went to college there. It has its share of idiots like every other state, but it also has it share of intelligent, kind people like every other state. We attended a wedding near Hot Springs in November, and we met the most wonderful, welcoming people there, and the outdoor setting for the wedding was breathtakingly beautiful. It's sad that you could not see the good things on your drive through.
Level 56
Dec 29, 2019
I hate the whole "hurr durr durr the South is bad and stupid and evil" stereotype. It's annoying and usually not that true.
Level 68
Jan 17, 2021
I find the American South fascinating.
Level 79
Dec 27, 2019
I lived in Arkansas for a year+ in the mid-90s. To be sure, it was a mixed bag.

No 911 (emergency phone number) was surprising. Ten generations of cars, in varying stages of decay, in the yard was not.

Some very beautiful vistas and the insanely delicious fried catfish was surprising. Kindly neighbors and a generally politeness was not.

A still-simmering racial tension that existed beneath outward appearances in some quarters was sort of surprising. The genuine love & friendship without any regard for race, nationality or background among those who were my friends was not.

I was identified as a "Yankee" (a northerner) by those I did business wtih, which was disappointing and a little eye-roll-worthy. But instead of responding with scorn, I didn't take myself too seriously, and just rolled with it. Then I was accepted as a "good Yankee", which was fine by me.

And best of all, it helped me ace this quiz!! ;-)

Level 56
Dec 29, 2019
The whole "Yankee" thing is funny. I live in Florida and my dad and his whole family is originally from Connecticut. Growing up my dad was always called a Yankee, when I went to college at UCF I met many people who thought I was a Southerner just cause I was from the Northern part of the state. It's all stupid and people like boxing people into stereotypes.
Level 66
Jan 16, 2020
lol, I work right next to UCF. GO KNIGHTS!
Level 67
Jan 17, 2021
I graduated from UCF.
Level 35
Jul 31, 2020
I was born and raised in Arkansas. I always tell people, I grew up where Redneck meets Hillbilly.
Level 20
Dec 26, 2020
Well, not wanting to be perfectionist, but “The Bear State” is another nick of Arkansas.
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