Arrested Development Trivia Quiz

Answer these questions about the TV show "Arrested Development".
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Last updated: August 30, 2018
First submittedJune 30, 2010
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What is Gob's profession?
Who is George Bluth's twin brother?
What pharmaceutical did the F√ľnke family promote?
In what California county do the Bluth's live?
Orange County
What bites off Buster's hand?
A Loose Seal
Who is Tobias' acting coach?
Carl Weathers
What Vegas act does Tobias attempt to join?
The Blue Man Group
What vehicle does Gob use for transportation?
A Segway
What dangerously hot product does George
market on Mexican TV?
What group of law enforcement strippers
make frequent appearances?
Hot Cops
Tobias is a never what?
Who is Gob's son?
Steve Holt
Where once there was a _____ now there is not
There's always money in the ______ _____
Banana Stand
I've made a ____ _______
Huge Mistake
Jason Bateman
George Michael
Michael Cera
Will Arnett
Portia de Rossi
Lucille Austero
Liza Minnelli
Ron Howard
Barry Zuckerkorn
Henry Winkler
David Cross
Level 79
May 26, 2013
Level 40
May 26, 2013
Hey, no fair. I was too busy laughing as I remembered stuff to type the answers.
Level 76
May 27, 2013
Level 15
Apr 24, 2018
Level 43
Apr 24, 2020
Level 43
May 27, 2013
Really easy, aside from the "Yacht" thing. Odd one to chose.
Level 17
Dec 14, 2013
Limo could work in place of segway too.
Level 67
Feb 4, 2016
I tried limo first also, but it looks like most of these are from the original series (pre-netflix). and I think he mostly drove the limo in the netflix season
Level 78
Jun 1, 2014
Never saw this, hit it on a random quiz, but guessed Orange Co. and Blue Man Group, so happy with 2.
Level 67
Feb 4, 2016
lol, That actually sounds kinda fun. I'm gonna find a quiz for a show or movie I have never seen and see how many I can get right!
Level 79
Sep 7, 2016
"Tobias is a never what" is just poorly worded. Take out the "a" and you've got a logical sentence.
Level 78
Feb 16, 2017
The wording makes sense if you have seen the show. Tobias is referred to as "a never-nude". Never-nude is a noun in this instance.
Level 78
Oct 27, 2017
No love for Jeffrey Tambor?? :-(
Level 67
Sep 16, 2018
Not anymore....
Level 43
Apr 24, 2020
No Tony Hale? No Alia Shawkat? No Jessica Walter? In the words of Gob: "Come on!!!"
Level 43
Apr 25, 2020
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