Asia Geography Quiz #1

Answer these random Asian geography questions.
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Last updated: February 6, 2019
First submittedDecember 20, 2015
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What country is shaped like a teardrop?
Sri Lanka
What Russian lake contains 20% of the world's fresh water?
Lake Baikal
What does the word "stan" mean in the Persian language?
What Egyptian peninsula is part of Asia?
Sinai Peninsula
Other than Turks, what is the largest ethnic group in Turkey?
What are the two biggest cities in the United Arab Emirates?
Abu Dhabi
What country was formerly called the Dutch East Indies?
What sea is bordered by China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia?
South China Sea
What is the largest city on the Pacific Coast of Russia?
What is the world's most populous river basin?
What national capital city ends with "bad"?
What was the former name of Ho Chi Minh city?
What strait separates Russia from Alaska?
Bering Strait
What bay can be found between India and Myanmar?
Bay of Bengal
What is the national animal of Thailand?
What is the name of the star that appears on the flag of Israel?
Star of David
What city's regions include Kowloon and the New Territories?
Hong Kong
What is the most-spoken language in India?
What is the title of the ruler of Brunei?
Sultan of Brunei
Level 72
Dec 21, 2015
Having been there I recognize it, but I wonder how many can recognize the 'quiz picture'. Nice quiz
Level 88
Dec 21, 2015
Recognized it, but I'd thought it was in Indonesia for some reason.
Level 74
Dec 21, 2015
I've been to Sigiriya, and the photo looks like that, that so that's my guess
Level 65
Mar 19, 2016
It's in Sri Lanka.
Level 56
Jun 30, 2020
I recognized it the second I saw it! I guess many people who follow Hinduism can also recognize it. It is a rock in Sri Lanka. But, according to Hinduism beliefs, it was once the airport of Ravana, the Demon who ruled over the City of Lanka. He used this airport for his Pushpak Viman (Pushpak Plane). This story might sound stupid that in 5th Century BCE, planes were existing. But this is what one of the most Holy Book of Hinduism, Ramayana tells, and several people in India believe it.
Sorry if someone got offended by me addressing Ravana as Demon. (Many consider him to be god like)
Level 72
Mar 4, 2016
Consider accepting "Magen David", the Hebrew term for "Star of David"?
Level 66
Mar 19, 2016
Tried that first, too
Level 72
May 15, 2016
Yeah; I don't speak Hebrew and I'm not even Jewish, but that's what my (Jewish American) friends called it.
Level 77
Nov 30, 2016
me too
Level ∞
Feb 6, 2019
Okay, that will be accepted
Level 52
Oct 23, 2020
Please also accept "Dave" - that's what its friends call it!
Level 59
Mar 19, 2016
I've always been confused why the capital of Pakistan is Islam-a-bad. It seems to be formed the same way as "My name a Borat".
Level 59
Mar 19, 2016
Islam is obvious. -abad means city in Persian.
Level 80
Mar 19, 2016
I like a Islam. It nice!
Level 60
May 5, 2019
For an English speaker, yes it is pretty obvious they are saying "Islam is bad" or some grammatical error. But you have to overcome the barrier of language to realise that "Islam-abad" means (roughly) "The City of Islam" or "The place where Islam is spread". Other examples of this type of naming include Faisalabad, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Hyderabad etc.
Level 46
Mar 19, 2016
Russia is not asian country...
Level 76
Mar 20, 2016
You'd be hard pushed to argue that Vladivostok & Baikal aren't in Asia, nor that the Bering Strait doesn't border it
Level 73
Aug 8, 2016
People seem to have a shocking amount of difficulty appreciating that a single country can be on more than one continent. Some of Russia is in Europe, some is in Asia. Simple.
Level 70
Sep 12, 2018
You'd almost think Eurasia could be a single continent ;)
Level 81
Jun 19, 2018
China Sea wasn't accepted.
Level 81
Nov 22, 2018
Because there's more than one "___ China Sea."
Level 89
Jul 25, 2018
It makes me happy that I just "David" is accepted. Makes it seem like his name is David.
Level 45
Mar 4, 2019
I read 'national animal' as national anthem, sigh. I would've gotten it otherwise and that was the only one I missed, the other ones were easy.
Level 78
May 4, 2019
Ha, that's in my top five most listened to national anthems despite only spending a few months in Thailand. Twice a day on radio and TV and before every film in the cinema, where you are expected to stand. Which is true of any time you hear it if you can, but I happened to mostly be in the back of taxis so it wasn't quite practical :)
Level 79
May 4, 2019
The vulgar language filter would block most of titles I'd give that evil dictator in Brunei.
Level 57
May 5, 2019
damn that's my first 100% in a while
Level 47
May 5, 2019
Wow I feel stupid, I was thinking "oh maybe stan means country" but then I thought "nah it can't be that simple" and didn't even guess it.
Level 65
Jul 3, 2019
I thought that the teardrop answer was Taiwan. Used some time before thinking of Sri Lanka.