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Baseball Word Chain

Guess these answers related to the sport of baseball. The last letter of each answer will be the first letter of the next.
  • All the answers are a single word
  • Quiz by Quizmaster - Aug 03, 2017
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The E in ERA
Brooklyn's former team
City home to the Mariners
Word that comes before "innings"
or "base hit"
Last name of Sandy and Roberto
Pitcher's hand-dryer: _____ Bag
Knuckleballing brothers Phil and Joe
Team that plays at Camden Yards
Slang for a left-handed player
To swing and miss
Park where the Red Sox play
Pitcher who won 511 games
Fielding award: ____ Glove
The D in DH
Former Phillies player known as "Nails"
State where the Cactus League happens
Suburb where the Angels play
The Phillie Phanatic, for example
Best fish-named player of all-time
The Big Hurt
Word that comes after "hey batter batter"
Nickname of Goslin and Gossage
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level 68
Aug 3, 2017
Accept resin for rosin?
level 73
Aug 3, 2017
Trust me...you do NOT want resin on your hands when pitching.
level 42
Oct 23, 2017
level 65
Aug 3, 2017
Love it.
level 68
Aug 26, 2017
Nails is also known as 2766176. But that would be hard to work into a word chain.
level 71
Oct 7, 2017
level 58
Oct 7, 2017
Catfish Hunter. Come on, man, a little trout isn't better than that.
level 58
Oct 7, 2017
Ohhhhh.....Iast letter, first letter — didn't even notice that
level 43
Jan 24, 2018
Tim Salmon and Catfish Hunter were also superb "fish-named" players. Good quiz.
level 57
May 2, 2018
I agree, Tim Salmon is the best fish last name ever in MLB. Catfish Hunter, though, is the best overall name if you include first names.
level 75
Jun 19, 2018
Not technically his first name though; Catfish was a nickname.
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