Double B Vocabulary Words

All the words contain the letters BB. Based on the definitions, guess what they are.
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Last updated: September 16, 2015
First submittedFebruary 8, 2011
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Whale fat
Jewish religious leader
Turkey's noise
The sheath of a sword
British for garbage
To restrict a horse's movement
The day of rest
Small bite
Person who repairs shoes
Short, rough facial hair
Extended leave period for
university professors
Israeli commune
The receding movement of the tide
To turn and stare, especially at a car accident
It's what brooks do
British police officer
To write or draw quickly and carelessly
Period of exuberant asset prices
To raise a trivial objection
Type of small, long-armed ape
To attempt to influence the government
on behalf of a special interest
Level ∞
Jun 6, 2013
Updated and expanded!
Level 67
Jul 21, 2013
A gibbon is a monkey, not an ape. Apes are gorillas, chimps, humans and orangutans (and possibly sasquatch ;))
Level 75
Jul 21, 2013
Gibbons are lesser apes, but they are indeed apes.
Level 74
Jul 26, 2014
Is this a quibble?
Level 71
Oct 30, 2015
Gibbons don't have tails. Therefore, they are apes.
Level 65
Feb 10, 2020
Yeah. I tried "Babboon" before giving up
Level 73
Jul 22, 2013
To raise a Trivial object: Squabble should work as well. But not to quibble about it though.
Level 37
Aug 26, 2013
Level 53
May 3, 2015
I tried squabble, too. Not absolutely sure that it fits, though.
Level 82
May 29, 2014
Tried to figure out the brook one. Managed to get: turkey noise, restricting horse's movement, raising a trivial objection. Never got the brook one, I had no clue the word ment that as well.
Level 53
May 3, 2015
People often talk about a babbling brook, referring to the sound it makes.
Level 70
Jan 21, 2016
In a shady nook, by a babbling brook, that's where I fell in love with you ........ song
Level 57
Nov 1, 2015
Could Nobble be accepted instead of Hobble, i've heard of this term for disabling racehorses.
Level 69
Jan 18, 2016
Thought "British for garbage" was "British for garage"... oh, well...
Level 84
Jan 18, 2016
I'm pretty sure the British word for "garage" is just "garage."
Level 74
Apr 3, 2018
It is, but most of us mispronounce it, otherwise it would be too simple for everyone else.
Level 69
Apr 16, 2018
Me too! Took me a second...haha.
Level 78
Jan 18, 2016
All I could think of was cranenecking instead of rubbernecking. Darn, only one I missed.
Level 62
Jan 19, 2016
To write carelessly and quickly is to scribble, but to to draw carelessly and quickly is to doodle.
Level 80
May 24, 2016
Squabble for Quibble?
Level 67
May 19, 2019
agree I thought squabble aswell
Level 62
Nov 20, 2019
Squabble is a form of arguing and not nitpicking. More aggressive than quibbles and quibbles tend to be one sided affairs where squabbles involve two parties taking part. One can quibble while another just nods and lets it ride over them without rising to the bait and squabbling over it.
Level 80
Sep 14, 2017
3 questions in, and 2 of the answers are repeats from the "Double B Answers" quiz from 2 years prior. Pretty lame.
Level 67
May 19, 2019
I didnt get the hobble one, dint know that. Funn, in dutch you have hobbelpaard, which means/is the word we use for rocking horse. But allways thought it was because hobbel(en) means well what you get when going over a bumpy road, little movements. (and pretty sure that is it what it stands for) never knew that in english hobble means to restrict a horses movement. Now I got to look up if there are connected. Many english words come from dutch. (or to say it differently old english has more in common with modern dutch than with modern english)
Level 67
May 19, 2019 It actually directly names dutch, usually it goes a steps further to the source, and say Protogermanic, which in most cases supplied cognates in other germanic languages. (german, norse etc)

other words often come from french, well through french from latin

Level 83
Nov 7, 2019
I was trying to figure how bribery would ever have a double B.
Level 44
Feb 9, 2021
Can you include Shabbat for Sabbath. Its the Jewish day of rest and it still has 2 bs.