Best of Jonathan's General Knowledge #3

Can you answer these random trivia questions selected from the General Knowledge quizzes of user Jonathan.
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Last updated: March 20, 2015
First submittedMarch 19, 2015
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What band did Paul and Linda McCartney start in 1971?
What American politician won a Nobel Peace Prize for his climate change activism?
Al Gore
In the computing term RAM, what does the R stand for?
In which mobile app do you "swipe" the screen to assess potential love interests?
Complete the song lyric : "I am a rock, I am an ______"
What Englishwoman wrote just one novel, "Wuthering Heights"?
Emily Brontë
What real-life person was the subject of the movie "The Theory of Everything"?
Stephen Hawking
What U.S. state capital shares its name with 33 other cities and towns in the United States?
What type of animal was Bambi's friend Flower?
a Skunk
What percussion instrument did Blue Öyster Cult need more of
in a "Saturday Night Live" sketch?
In what modern-day country did the Anglo-Zulu war take place?
South Africa
What celebration was outlawed by Puritans in the English Parliament in 1647?
What singer was married to Christie Brinkley between 1985 and 1994?
Billy Joel
What Formula One legend was paralysed in a ski accident in 2013?
Michael Schumacher
What singer is by far the most famous person from the island nation of Barbados?
What Carly Simon song has the lyric "You probably think this song is about you"?
You're So Vain
What is the real name of rapper P. Diddy?
Sean Combs
Inside what fortress was Anne Boleyn beheaded?
Tower of London
Who electrocuted an elephant in an effort to show that AC power was unsafe?
Thomas Edison
What was the surname of the rapper Tupac?
Level 67
Mar 19, 2015
Wow. I do quite poorly on this quiz, and I still have the highest score on it.
Level 78
Mar 20, 2015
Helps when you're the first one taking it:)
Level 77
Mar 20, 2015
To suggest that Rihanna is more famous that Grandmaster Flash is nothing short of blasphemy.
Level ∞
Mar 20, 2015
Grandmaster Who? Haha just kidding, but Rihanna is way more famous than a rapper from the 1980's who only had one song that cracked the top 100 ever.
Level 72
Mar 23, 2015
Grandmaster Flash is only well known because of all of the Grandma auto-corrects.
Level 44
Jun 1, 2015
I always thought she was American. There are loads of Barbadian cricketers who I feel are more famous than Rihanna.
Level 74
Dec 17, 2018
She's probably more famous right now, but the legacy of someone like Garry Sobers will outlive her celebrity by centuries.
Level 82
Mar 20, 2015
There's a typo: politican -> politician.
Level ∞
Mar 20, 2015
Level 78
Jun 1, 2015
politican't is also acceptable.
Level 62
Mar 14, 2017
Level 70
Apr 11, 2015
8 out of 20 questions dealing with Pop music ........ general knowledge ? for who?
Level 79
May 30, 2015
Good point.
Level 80
May 30, 2015
I knew the Carly Simon song but didn't know the name. I probably should have guessed... :P I just knew it wasn't Starsuckers, Inc.
Level 58
May 30, 2015
Diddy's real name is Ken Dodd, of course.
Level 44
Jun 1, 2015
Level 60
Jun 1, 2015
Edison did not electrocute an elephant. He didn't even own the Edison electric company anymore by the time that happened. His company filmed the event, but he did not plan it or arrange it, nor was he trying to prove anything at this point. This took place about 10 years after the War of the Currents.

Check your facts.

Level 77
Feb 11, 2018
Indeed, it's easy to guess the answer, but it's completely wrong.
Level 78
May 11, 2018
I recently saw a series from the History Channel, "The Men Who Built America" and he did kill the elephant on that show. They must have their facts mixed up also. So, it was actually J.P. Morgan that killed the elephant? And Andrew Carnegie tested the Mississippi River Bridge with another one - elephants must have been greatly undervalued in those days.
Level 67
Nov 27, 2020
Way too many questions about pop music. 8 out of 20 - that's ridiculous.