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Body Part Words Quiz

Guess the words for these anatomical parts.
Last updated: August 30, 2018
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Body Part
Back of the neck
Belly button
Front teeth
Thigh bone
Largest artery in the body
Back of the eyeball that senses light
That weird thing that hangs down
above your throat
Blood storage organ
Tube that brings food to the stomach
Bone at the center of the chest
Body Part
Lower jaw bone
Nose hole
Bile storage organ
Seemingly useless organ near
the intestines
Organ that produces insulin
Bottom of the foot
level ∞
Dec 23, 2012
In case you're wondering, esophagus is the American spelling of oesophagus.
level 67
Oct 6, 2017
"American spelling" is an oxymoron if ever there was one.
level 66
Nov 9, 2017
Is that some "British diplomacy"?
level 71
Mar 7, 2018
A lot of US spellings make far more sense than English ones - I don't know why we decided it would be a good idea to need both an O and a U in through.
Or a G.
Or an H.

level 67
Feb 27, 2013
Good quiz (and entertaining comments :) )
level 10
Mar 1, 2013
Is it just me, or do doctors call body parts really painful sounding names?
level 41
Mar 2, 2013
Wow, really nice quiz. I just took anatomy and physiology last semester, so this was good review :)
level 19
Mar 30, 2013
i like this quiz :3
level 52
Apr 24, 2013
Why doesn't it accept Incisor? I would have gotten 100%
level 27
Jun 30, 2013
you should accept multiple spellings for nape, such as nap and knap also you should accept incisor for incisors as well.
level 17
Aug 25, 2013
Good Quiz, Missed Mandible
level 43
Sep 3, 2013
Good quiz. Got 16 / 20 though. Oh well.
level 64
Oct 25, 2013
The spleen stores red blood cells, which is not the same as just blood.
level 55
May 11, 2014
Yeah, that confused me.
level 59
Sep 18, 2016
Only missed spleen.
level 52
Mar 6, 2018
Totally agree with this. Blood isn't really stored anywhere. It flows. If it starts being stored somewhere, there's a problem.
level 40
Nov 20, 2013
Fun quiz
level 61
May 18, 2014
For the Anatomy Whizzes out there - I'm making a 'The Human Body by Letter' series!
level 50
May 27, 2014
Uvula is Latin or something for 'little grape', and the clavicle is the wishbone in chickens. Pretty interesting stuff, huh?
level 66
Dec 22, 2014
Look up 'Sense of humour' in one of your dictionaries.
level 38
May 16, 2015
Samei learn a lot from reading. One of my teachers got our class onto this website, and one of the ones we did as class was name the author of the book. I happened to be reading some of those and so knew the answers. READING CAMES IN HANDY ON THIS SITE!!!
level 38
May 16, 2015
Get it-HANDY!!! hahahahahahaha... having a tween moment here!
level 23
Oct 22, 2014
Accept Incisor for incisors please Naval for navel (can't spell)
level 35
Feb 27, 2015
I put coccus (the round shaped bacterial cell) instead of coccyx
level 74
Mar 7, 2018
I broke mine once, and I'll never forget the spelling (or the pain.)
level 44
Aug 26, 2015
Vertebrae or vertebral column should be accepted for backbone
level 69
Sep 29, 2015
Consider "Aortic"...for largest artery
level 66
May 21, 2016
Thing that hangs down above your throat - tonsil?
level 75
Jul 14, 2016
Don't they stick up?
level 68
Mar 6, 2018
No, those are stalactites. The stalagmites hang down.
level 20
Feb 25, 2018
all of them right, I want to be a biologist :)
level 49
Mar 6, 2018
Coccyx is hard to spell when there is three seconds left.. FFS I had it right almost..
level 52
Mar 6, 2018
Words like "plantar" and "aortic" should NOT be included because they are not the body parts, they are adjectives describing the body parts.
level 68
Mar 6, 2018
"Nose hole" hee hee hee. Not sure why I found that so funny, but I did.
level 31
Mar 6, 2018
I got them all right, but was only marked at 50% on four of them, even nostril ??? which I spelled right, weird !!
level 44
Mar 9, 2018
Why isn't vertebral column accepted for backbone?
level 19
Mar 13, 2018
It bothers me that you mix medical terms with slang. I kept trying "calcaneus" for "bottom of foot", and it was wrong.
level 34
Mar 29, 2018
The Joey/Friends reference made me laugh so much I forgot the word for pancreas.
level 83
May 25, 2018
That's a new thing I've learned today - always thought the dangly bit was actually the tonsils, never heard of uvula before. Thanks for the knowledge :)
level 33
Sep 2, 2018
Accept vermiform appendix please.
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