Boston Multiple Choice

Can you answer these multiple choice questions about the city of Boston?
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Last updated: February 4, 2019
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1. What quarterback has led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowl wins?
Joe Namath
Peyton Manning
Tom Brady
Stephen Curry
2. Which of these movies took place in Boston?
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Good Will Hunting
Fight Club
3. How did Boston get its name?
Named after a port town in England
No one knows
Named after John Boston, the founder of Boston
The Patuxet word for "thin neck"
4. What "curse" supposedly prevented the Red Sox from winning the World Series for 85 years?
The Hundred-Year Curse
Curse of the Billy Goat
Beantown Curse
Curse of the Bambino
5. What is the largest ethnic group in Boston?
6. Which of these Revolutionary War battles happened in Boston?
Battle of Long Island
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Monmouth
Battle of Saratoga
7. Which of these bands got its start in Boston?
The Rolling Stones
The Doors
The Supremes
8. Which of these neighborhoods is NOT in Boston?
Jamaica Plain
Beacon Hill
Flatbush is in Brooklyn
9. What did most Harvard students study during its first decades of existence?
10. What are the old rich families of Boston known as?
Boston Beaneaters
Boston Bigshots
Boston Brahmins
Boston Bulldogs
11. Which of these authors was from Boston?
John Steinbeck
Jane Austen
William Faulkner
Ralph Waldo Emerson
12. Which of these Presidents was born in the Boston area?
Barack Obama
Ronald Reagan
John F. Kennedy
Andrew Jackson
13. What is a Nor'easter?
A station wagon
A lobster roll
A severe winter storm
A person from New England
14. Which of these words is peculiar to the Boston dialect?
15. What is the name of Boston's largest newspaper?
Boston Globe
Boston Times-Picayune
Boston Free Press
Boston Patriot
Level 79
Feb 4, 2019
It's not really the word "wicked" but its usage and meaning that are peculiar to the Boston dialect.
Level 81
Feb 6, 2019
this comment is wicked pissah
Level 72
Feb 8, 2019
It's even wicked awesome pissah!
Level 63
Feb 5, 2019
Wow, a multiple choice quiz on Jetpunk. I was wondering if it would ever happen.
Level 87
Feb 5, 2019
I take it you don't come on this website very often...
Level 55
Feb 5, 2019
It's the first one I've seen, and I've been here often...
Level 68
Feb 6, 2019
Yeah, I'm here every day for years and it's the first time I see one.
Level 65
Feb 5, 2019
Hardly a port, it has one (on the river), but more agricultaral than coastal (look at the map......)
Level 80
Feb 11, 2019
It most definitely has an ocean port with a lot of landfill. Been to it by boat, car, plane and train enough times. Seen all sorts of maps, charts, satellite photos and aerial views.
Level 74
Feb 20, 2019
It has a tiny port but there's no way I would describe it as a port town - it's hardly a defining feature
Level 74
Feb 20, 2019
Although I suppose it makes for quite a succinct clue
Level 74
Feb 5, 2019
Boston! Looking for a sweep of the championships this year. Celts have a good chance. Bruins are in it, but it will be tough to take down the Lighting.
Level 55
Feb 5, 2019
The Bruins need secondary scoring to win a Cup. That first line is dynamite, but after that, it falls off pretty quick.
Level 60
Feb 5, 2019
"John Boston" Best answer I've seen yet.
Level 58
May 8, 2019
Curse of the Bambino was 86 years, not 85 years.
Level 64
Aug 21, 2019
Can you clarify the "it" in the Harvard question? I thought the antecedent for "it" was the discipline because "what" is the only singular noun in the sentence, so I picked psychology because it developed later than the others. I did not think "religion" could be the answer because religion existed long before Harvard, so students could not study religion during its first year of existence. The question as phrased is incorrect because "Harvard" is being used as an adjective, so it can't be the antecedent of "its." If you just changed "its" to "the school's," then the question would be correct.
Level 73
Sep 3, 2019
Wow. This is... I mean... Just... Wow.