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Countries by a Single Clue #2

Can you name the country that corresponds to each clue?
Answer must correspond to yellow box!
Last updated: May 09, 2017
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Called "The Land Down Under"
Its northern border is a DMZ
South Korea
Smallest country in the world
Vatican City
Southernmost country in the Caribbean Sea
Trinidad and Tobago
Largest island in the Indian Ocean
Home to the Angkor Wat temple complex
African island country uninhabited until discovered by Portugal
Cape Verde
Owns about 2/3rds of the region of Patagonia
Invaded by the United States in 1983
Has the cities of Dunedin, Rotorua, and Whangarei
New Zealand
Historically called "White Russia"
Its second largest city is Mombasa
Its capital has the initials KL
Monte Carlo is a neighborhood in this city state
Its two largest cities both start with H
Broke away from Serbia in 2008
Has won the most Olympic gold medals in alpine skiing
80% of the country was strip-mined for phosphate
Least-populous country in the Alps
Its capital is Luanda
level 84
May 9, 2017
This is a great series!
level 64
May 10, 2017
Totally agree, was expecting #2 today. The great thing about this series (thanks QM) is that there is so much to be learned about countries with information in nuggets. Number of quizzes in this series could easily surpass the general knowledge quizzes and be even more useful. Having said all this - 9/20 :-(
level 71
May 11, 2017
Rather on the easy side. Completed with 1:50 remaining.
level 58
May 21, 2017
Simply did not know Nauru...at least by this one clue.
level 61
Aug 1, 2017
Are you sure the answer to 12 isn't Westeros?
level 72
Aug 29, 2017
Nah, Westeros is a continent
level 61
Aug 27, 2017
Monaco is in the Alps (commence arguments)
level 70
Aug 27, 2017
Unless QM *just* changed if from "smallest" to "least populous", the answer was right: Monaco boasts ~1000 more people than the big L.
level 35
Aug 27, 2017
Monaco is in the Madagascan Alps.Argument over.
level 61
Aug 28, 2017
Those are estimates, it probably goes back and forth between the two.
level 52
Oct 17, 2018
Monegasque....Madagascar is a long way away...
level 38
Aug 27, 2017
i forgot asutralia,malaysia,south korea,kenya,austria,vietnam and grenada
level 64
Aug 27, 2017
I totally guessed on Mombasa.. somehow I was right, first try! I already knew about New Zealand and Nauru, so I ended up with 18.
level 55
Aug 27, 2017
I can't believe 76% got Cape Verde.
level 75
Aug 27, 2017
Pretty easy. Even if you didn't know that Cape Verde was colonized by Portugal... and I did, I once went out with a girl from there... there are only 6 African island nations in total.
level 58
Mar 23, 2019
Started with São Tomé, but Cape Verde was my second guess.
level 24
Aug 31, 2017
100% with 2:42 left - second try. Love this quiz :)
level 38
Nov 13, 2017
Great Quiz! - Thank you.
level 73
Nov 20, 2017
i think also Cyprus qualifies for having a DMZ as its northern (and only) border: maybe northern (turkish) cyprus is not a recognized state, but a border does not need an international acknowledgement to be effective (and sure the division in two of the island of Cyprus IS effective)
level 45
Dec 24, 2017
for smallest country in the world I said nauru, but it was wrong so I typed vatican. Then when i see i missed nauru for the 80% question, i was pissed
level 38
May 13, 2018
Surprising how such a tiny country was able to invade the U.S
level 82
Sep 17, 2018
Surprising how such a tiny word, "by," inverts the meaning of the clue.
level 50
May 14, 2018
Since 'bela' means white, and 'Rus' means 'Russia', Belarus still means 'white Russia'.
level 72
Dec 3, 2018
Yes, but it's called Belarus
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