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Countries by a Single Clue #5

Can you name the country that corresponds to each clue?
  • Answer must correspond to yellow box!
  • Quiz by Quizmaster - May 13, 2017
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4,300 kilometers tall, only 350 kilometers wide
Had a "one-child policy" until 2016
Has been accused of interfering in the U.S. and French elections
Has the initials DR
Country whose spies work for MI6
Dub and ska music come from here
Controls the Suez Canal
Country with the most Basque residents
Banned chewing gum in 1992
Located between Algeria and Egypt
Birthplace of conjoined twins Eng and Chang
Borders Romania and Turkey
Completely surrounded by South Africa
Controls the islands of Java and Sulawesi
Country where Tamil Tigers fought a rebellion
Country where the ancient city of Carthage was located
According to legend, this microstate was founded by Saint Marinus in 301 A.D.
Country where the Nile river meets Lake Victoria
Former leader Niyazov commissioned a giant golden statue of himself that always
rotated to face the sun - now demolished
Had 800% inflation in 2016
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level 65
May 14, 2017
Keep this series going! Daily please.
level 65
May 14, 2017
Thought the DR initials referred to DR Congo, good quiz.
level 76
May 15, 2017
DR Congo was my first guess also.
level 70
May 21, 2017
Maybe say "Country where Lake Victoria drains into the Nile" because the Nile is also considered to flow into Lake Victoria in Tanzania. Other sources, though, state that Lake Victoria itself is the source of the Nile.
level 15
Jan 29, 2018
The Nile flows north because of the high elevation near the south of the nile, so it has no way of getting over them if the river goes south. It empties into the Mediterranean Sea.
level 2
Jul 9, 2017
Conjoined twins Eng and Chang were born in Siam. An early name for conjoined twins was Siamese twins, named after the birthplace of Eng and Chang. Although Siam is now called Thailand, at the time of their birth, their birth country was Siam.
level 37
Nov 7, 2017
its about the current names
level 65
Oct 2, 2017
Like General Knowledge Quizzes?.......... try my latest ...here it is
level 57
Oct 2, 2017
It would be better to say 4,300 km long and 350 km wide. "Tall" refers to height, and I think Everest is less than 9 km tall.
level 48
Oct 2, 2017
Agree, I was thinking of small countries that had the tallest mountains.
level 74
Oct 2, 2017
Even though I agree that "tall" is not appropriate, I think it is obvious that no moutains are 4300km high...
level 73
Oct 2, 2017
Yes, the clue is giving the country's length & width, while the word "tall" indicates height. And despite 73% getting it right, the description is still mighty awkward.
level 23
Oct 16, 2017
It does, however, potentially suggest a north-south orientation.
level 39
Nov 20, 2017
Absolutely! - I doubt that "Tall" is ever used to describe a country's length.
level 8
Oct 7, 2017
Maybe change the first clue to "long" and not "tall".
level 23
Oct 16, 2017
Nice one!
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