Countries that Beat Saudi Arabia

For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than Saudi Arabia.
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Last updated: April 25, 2020
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Most native speakers of Arabic
Egypt | Algeria | Sudan | Iraq | Yemen | Morocco
Greatest crude oil production (2018)
United States | Russia
Least percentage of territory that is forested
* excluding countries < 100 sq. km
Qatar | Oman | Egypt | Libya | Mauritania | Djibouti | Kuwait
Most executions (2015-2018)
China | North Korea | Iran
Westernmost in Asia
Turkey | Cyprus | Israel
Greatest land area with a desert biome
Australia | Algeria
Hottest-ever recorded temperature
United States | Kuwait | Iraq | Iran | Pakistan | Mexico
Most populous country starting with S
South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Sudan
Tallest building
United Arab Emirates | China
Largest by land area among countries that
lie on the Tropic of Cancer
China | India | Algeria
Most immigrants per capita
* not necessarily citizens
Vatican City | United Arab Emirates | Kuwait |
Qatar | Liechtenstein | Monaco | Andorra | Bahrain | Brunei |
Singapore | Oman | Luxembourg | Lebanon | Jordan
Largest sovereign wealth fund
China | United Arab Emirates | Norway
Most proven oil reserves
Origin country of the most ISIS fighters
* Soufan Center, October 2017
Iraq | Syria | Russia
Highest HDI in Asia
* HDI measures health, education, and income
Singapore | Japan | Israel | South Korea | Taiwan |
Cyprus | United Arab Emirates | Qatar | Brunei
Active military troops per capita
North Korea | Eritrea | Israel | South Sudan | Brunei |
Armenia | Greece | South Korea | Oman | Singapore |
Cyprus | Djibouti | Sri Lanka | Lebanon | Jordan |
Cambodia | Myanmar | Lithuania | Syria | Qatar | Taiwan
Level 67
Apr 26, 2020
2 questions about oil? and questions where they were 15th and 22th? Aren't there other things they ve beaten more countries in?

I admit, I wouldn't know middle east is not my area of expertise (though I only missed one ;) ), just my opinion that if possible I would change these 3 questions.

I'll have a think and see if I can come up with some suggestions (or maybe others will have some aswell),

All I can think of right now, (so won't be the greatest..) are to do with the name. Like length, amount of words

Level 82
Apr 27, 2020
seems fine to include to me. How about traffic fatalities per capita? I think Saudi Arabia is pretty high on that list. And I read that they are #1 in terms of chicken consumption per capita.
Level 32
Apr 27, 2020
15/16 but only because I had no clue what wealth fund was
Level 59
Jul 22, 2020
I figured it had to do with wealthy countries so i said the UAE.
Level 42
Apr 27, 2020
Surprised Libya is not among the countries with the hottest ever recorded temperature.
Level 47
Sep 17, 2020
I think it's just because the supposed world record temperature in libya hasn't really been accurately proven
Level 48
Apr 27, 2020
I had to guess on the wealth fund and s city one, but the other questions felt maybe a little too.. easy I guess? Otherwise great quiz.
Level 74
May 13, 2020
Cambodia and Myanmar do not work for the last one
Level ∞
May 13, 2020
Level 60
Jul 21, 2020
Amazing how Saudi Arabia remains an ally of the Western powers despite its government's brutality and repression, while a far more democratic country like Venezuela gets demonized. Why, it's almost like the concerns about "human rights" aren't entirely sincere...
Level 27
Jul 21, 2020
and what does that have to do with the quiz?
Level 73
Jul 21, 2020
The quiz is about Saudi Arabia. So is the comment. (That said, I'm not sure Venezuela is all that great, @canadry.)
Level 61
Jul 21, 2020
I wouldn't call Venezuela "far more democratic" than Saudi Arabia.
Level 28
Jul 21, 2020
It's not hard to be more democratic than a country that is not democratic.
Level 50
Jul 22, 2020
What kind of repression are we talking? Israel is a closer ally to the West and they are worse in terms of human rights violations
Level 67
Mar 17, 2021
Not sure what you mean. Israel is a full democracy with freedom of speech, fair elections, women's rights, tolerance for LGBT citizens, etc; Saudi Arabia has none of these things. And it's true that Israel has done some terrible things in Gaza and the West Bank true, but even then that isn't comparable to what Saudi Arabia has done in Yemen.
Level 67
May 18, 2021
Ok, well looking back on that comment, I may have underestimated how much damage/destruction Israel has caused in Palestine, especially Gaza. But even if Israel is problematic, it's still a democracy, which is more than I can say for Saudi Arabia.
Level 41
Jul 21, 2020
Hey, there's a typo on Most immigrants per capita

* not **necessarilty** citizens :)