Countries with Volcano Deaths

Since 141 B.C., which countries have had the most deaths due to volcanic eruptions?
Source: Our World in Data. Based on the modern-day territory of the country, even if it wasn't a country at the time.
We also give you the mountain and year of the deadliest incident
Overseas regions marked in blue
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Last updated: November 16, 2019
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Deadliest incident
Mt. Tambora (1815)
Ilopango (536)
El Salvador
Mt. Pelée (1902)
France (Martinique)
Nevado del Ruiz (1985)
Mt. Unzen (1792)
Santa María (1902)
Laki (1784)
Mt. Hibok-Hibok (1875)
Mt. Vesuvius (1631)
Keanakakoi (1790)
United States
Mt. Lamington (1951)
Papua New Guinea
Tungurahua (1640)
San Cristóbal (1998)
El Chichón (1982)
Mt. Ararat (1840)
Level 71
Nov 16, 2019
I looked into Mt. Etna being the most deadly eruption, because I was always under the impression that it was a fairly safe volcano as far as volcanoes go. The event in 1169 was deadly because of an earthquake/tsunami. Only a few sources refer to an eruption from Etna, and it seems as though no eruption at all actually took place. I'm not sure which eruption actually was the deadliest though.
Level ∞
Nov 16, 2019
It was in the source data so I included it. But I feel like you are right so I removed that incident.
Level 82
Nov 16, 2019
Martinique is as much an overseas territory for France as Hawaii is for the USA. Be consistent please...
Level ∞
Nov 16, 2019
Changed to overseas region.
Level 82
Nov 16, 2019
Well, I still don't see why you need to specify that. "Pelée" is clearly a French word ;).
Level 46
Feb 5, 2020
Hm, @Arp2600, France isn't the only french-speaking country.
Level 50
Feb 5, 2020
I think it's good to have it specified. For consistency, Hawaii could also be classed as an overseas region, one would get France if it wasn't clear.
Level 79
Feb 3, 2020
Add New Zealand in light of the White Island tragedy?
Level 34
Feb 4, 2020
New Zealand needs to be added, Tarawera, Tangawi, and both white island eruptions could all be good examples.
Level 73
Feb 4, 2020
The quiz is the countries with the most volcano-related deaths. Not countries with notably volcanic activity.
Level 58
Feb 4, 2020
Have 1900 people been killed by volcanoes in New Zealand since 141 BC? I doubt it. Also, does this count deaths by falling into volcanic hot springs, boiling mud, and fumaroles?
Level 46
Feb 5, 2020
I think that would be counted as accidents independent of volcanic activity.
Level 67
Feb 4, 2020
Not their biggest fan (often used without good reason, when there is no way you can accidentally guess one of the other answers), but this quiz could benefit from a yellow box. I got 15/15 by guessing and if I am honest, I could have only answered you 2 with 100% certainty (vesuvius and ararat). The rest I got by looking at the languages, and by naming countries known for volcanic activity (so usually without a specific question in mind)
Level 65
Dec 3, 2020
Maybe take off a minute or so of time to prevent over-guessing, but I think yellow-box would be a bit drastic.
Level 72
Feb 4, 2020
Got all but Iceland!
Level 26
Feb 5, 2020
Got them all. Just got Nicaragua in time. I completely forgot about Central America until the last minute or so.
Level 81
Feb 5, 2020
Do these stats include virgin sacrifices?
Level 67
Jun 11, 2020
Missed three Central American countries because I thought I had already guessed them. But that was on the previous quiz I took, about floods. *facepalm*
Level 64
Oct 6, 2020
I'm surprised not to see any of the East African Rift countries in here. According to Polish Wikipedia article, Nyiragongo's 1977 eruption alone killed around 2000 people, although the English one doesn't mention such high numbers.