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Crowd-Sourced General Knowledge #12

Answer these questions inspired by the many user-submitted general knowledge quizzes.
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Who was the first musician ever to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature?
What creature, despite its name, has at most 750 legs?
Take off my skin - I won't cry, but you will! What am I?
What Belgian city hosted the Summer Olympics in 1920?
Mohammed was born in Mecca. Where did he die?
What 39 year old became, in 2017, the youngest person ever to be elected President of France?
Where would you find the medulla oblongata?
Who wrote the "Goldberg Variations" and the "Brandenburg Concertos"?
What company's mascot is a man who is made of tires?
What is the only state in New England that doesn't border the ocean?
What disease is abbreviated as TB?
What was the name of the American plan to rebuild Europe following WWII?
Marshall Plan
What city in France gives its name to a style of mustard?
What country does feta cheese come from?
Who was the POTUS in the year 1999?
Who won Academy Awards for portraying a disabled Irishman, a violent
oil baron, and an American President?
What Orwellian reality show has aired over 300 seasons in more than 50 different countries?
What country is sometimes referred to as a "province of China" by the United Nations?
What has a head and a tail, but no body?
What animal's German name, Nacktschnecke, means literally "naked snail"?
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level 79
Sep 18, 2017
Head and tail? That's a tadpole, right?
level 71
Sep 18, 2017
I tried a linked list.
level 65
Sep 19, 2017
I entered sperm cell.
level 67
Apr 15, 2018
I did too. But apparently a sperm cell has a "midpiece."
level 68
Sep 21, 2017
Zooty, fellow geek, FTW.
level 61
Feb 1, 2018
I tried literally all 3 of those lmao
level 62
Feb 1, 2018
Sperm, comet.
level 70
Sep 20, 2017
I tried snake, eel, then got desperate and tried ghost :P
level 50
Sep 20, 2017
Is there a typo in the China question?
level ∞
Sep 21, 2017
Yes, fixed
level 41
Feb 1, 2018
Aced it with 2:24 remaining. A fun quiz.
level 45
Feb 1, 2018
Big Brother aires as Bigg boss in India.
level 57
Feb 1, 2018
Too easy
level 58
Feb 1, 2018
Rabindranath Tagore. 1913. Dylan was 2nd.
level 41
Feb 2, 2018
Liked this
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