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Crowd-Sourced General Knowledge #6

Answer these questions inspired by the many user-submitted general knowledge quizzes.
Questions from users mergen, Geoguy, and others
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: January 20, 2019
First submittedJuly 22, 2016
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What country is commonly, but inaccurately, known as Holland?
What does the S stand for in NASA?
What is the largest artery in the human body?
What class of animal includes frogs, newts, and salamanders?
What country's judicial capital is Bloemfontein?
South Africa
What does TAN stand for on a calculator?
What is the name for the longest side of a right triangle?
What is the term for the score 40-40 in a game of tennis?
What movie character befriended a shrimp fisherman named Bubba?
Forrest Gump
What red spice, starting with the letter P, is a key ingredient in goulash?
What word, invented by Sir Thomas More, means "an imagined place
where everything is perfect"?
What, according to Karl Marx, is the opiate of the masses?
Who owns a motel in the movie "Psycho?"
Norman Bates
Who was known as Il Duce?
Benito Mussolini
Who is the nemesis of Professor Moriarty?
Sherlock Holmes
What is the biggest city in Manitoba?
In what song does Michael Jackson sing "the kid is not my son"?
Billie Jean
What country has the highest population density?
Whose butler is named Alfred Pennyworth?
Bruce Wayne's
What is the captain's name in "Moby Dick"?
Captain Ahab
level 58
Jul 23, 2016
Cool quiz.
level 64
Jul 23, 2016
I like these crowd sourced GK (too lazy too type the title :P). Keem them coming
level 54
Aug 24, 2016
But you're not too lazy to explain your reasoning behind not spelling out general knowledge?
level 57
Sep 20, 2016
Thank you for explaining the joke.
level 59
May 12, 2019
'(too lazy too type the title :P)' contains 26 characters (32 including spaces) ['to' is spelt wrong by the way], while 'general knowledge' contains only 16 characters (17 including the space). It would have been easier to just type the whole title. (I believe you are joking though)
level 86
Sep 20, 2016
I can't believe that Winnipeg made it into a crowd sourced general knowledge quiz.
level 71
Sep 20, 2016
If you haven't seen it, go watch Hitchcock's "The 39 Steps," which starts out in a musical hall, where our hero asks the memory expert how many miles is it from Winnipeg to Montreal. Before there was JetPunk there was Mr. Memory (who knows the answer, of course).
level 59
Sep 20, 2016
My friends always give me a hard time for not watching Forrest Gump. I guess it would have at least helped me on this quiz!!
level 68
Sep 20, 2016
No, your better off missing a point.
level 64
May 12, 2019
level 61
Sep 20, 2016
"I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot!"
level 61
Sep 20, 2016
Also, there is a "deuce" and a "duce" in this quiz. There's dos d(e)uces.
level 58
Sep 20, 2016
Those dos d(e)uces, doe.
level 62
Sep 20, 2016
Great variety of topics in this quiz. I'm very proud to have a question from one of my quizzes in this one.
level 66
Sep 20, 2016
level 52
Sep 20, 2016
how are the average score of these quizzes so high?
level 68
Sep 23, 2017
Like General Knowledge Quizzes?..... I've made 29 ....here it is
level 73
Jan 25, 2018
Is it necessary to give the first letter for the spice clue? It's already quite easy as it is, especially with the mention that it's red...
level 70
Oct 16, 2018
Jetpunk is all about learning new things. I've just learned beyond doubt that I couldn't spell hypotenuse.
level 46
Mar 15, 2019
..... I wish I was high on potenuse
level 68
Nov 21, 2019
I got four wrong - all about films or pop music. But there's people on this site who seem to know more about those things than they do about geography. Oh dear! What's happening to Jetpunk?