Dark Ages History

Based on the clues, guess these notable facts from the years 476-1000.
Most historians prefer "Early Middle Ages". But the Dark Ages were very real.
Some dates are approximate
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The Dark Ages are said to begin with the fall of this empire
Western Roman
This ruler becomes the first king of all Franks
Byzantines go to China to steal the secret of making this expensive material
Construction begins on this grand basilica in Constantinople
Hagia Sophia
This "great" Byzantine emperor conquers Italy
This prophet is born in Mecca
Around 600
This canal is built to connect the Yellow and Yangtze rivers.
It is still the longest canal in the world today
Grand Canal
Abu Bakr becomes the first person to hold this Islamic
leadership position (according to Sunnis)
The great library of this African city is once again destroyed
Byzantines use this napalm-like substance to defeat a Muslim invasion fleet
Greek Fire
This Muslim group conquers Iberia
These Pagans raid and terrorize much of Christendom
This "great" Frankish king is crowned Emperor by the Pope
This number is "invented" in what is today India
This Indian board game reaches Europe
This Central American society collapses
Chinese invent this saltpeter-based substance
Otto I becomes the first ruler of this Germanic empire
Holy Roman Empire
Level 43
Jun 23, 2014
Awesome beard
Level 59
Oct 26, 2014
I typed Chlodovech, the Frankish name; Louis, the French name; Ludwig, the German name, but none of these worked. Even so, thank you for reminding us of how things evolved during the Early Middle Ages!
Level 80
Oct 26, 2014
The french name is actually Clovis. He is not considered as Louis I (Louis I was the son of Charlemagne).
Level 59
Sep 26, 2017
I just read the Wikipedia article on him which says the Franks would've called him Hlodowig. Considering all the different names he might be referred to as in all the languages, simply going with Clovis makes sense.
Level 64
Sep 27, 2017
Yep, and the German name is Chlodwig.
Level 40
Oct 27, 2014
*Byzantines* use this napalm-like substance to defeat a Muslim invasion fleet. Not Byznantines. :)
Level ∞
Oct 27, 2014
Level 55
Oct 27, 2014
Early predecessors to chess began in India, Persia, and China, but modern chess was developed in Southern Europe.
Level 44
Apr 12, 2015
Won't accept St Sophia?
Level 71
Sep 26, 2017
I really need to start reading questions more carefully. I read "Byzantines go to China to steal the secret of making this EXPLOSIVE material" and managed to get gunpowder for another answer...
Level 82
Sep 26, 2017
Guilty of the offense as well.
Level 62
Sep 26, 2017
Me too haha
Level 73
Sep 30, 2017
same here
Level 46
Sep 26, 2017
I thought the zero was first invented by the Mayans, and the Indians followed suit about 300 years later.
Level 60
Sep 26, 2017
I wrote HRE because that's how I did it in my notes in high school so when that didn't take I went, "welp, can't be the Holy Roman Empire then." haha
Level 46
Oct 11, 2020
Same. HRE should be accepted for Holy Roman Empire.
Level 64
Sep 27, 2017
How about some more type-ins for caliph? Now, I haven't tested all of these, but according to the online dictionary leo.org other acceptable spellings of the word are calif, kalif, kaliph, and khalif.
Level 61
Nov 18, 2017
Good Quiz, but wasn't Charlemagne the first Holy Roman Emperor?
Level 37
May 19, 2020
not totally. Anyways, Henry I may count but, well
Level 81
Aug 21, 2018
Really disappointing that the answer to the second question wasn't "Frank."
Level 72
Nov 19, 2018
Please accept HRE
Level 81
Jan 12, 2020
It's just plain funny that people have to substitute offense for people dead for 1,000 to 1,500 years. The Middle Ages have always been a term describing the ascent between the Dark Ages and the Renaissance of culture, learning and exploration that was prevalent in Europe before the Dark Ages.
Level 53
Apr 22, 2020
Not offended at all. I just believe that it’s an outdated term for a diverse and heterogeneous period of history spanning hundreds of years. “The Middle Ages have always been a term describing the ascent between the Dark Ages and the Renaissance of culture” simply isn’t true. The Middle Ages is accepted to begin from the fall of the Western Roman Empire, which includes the Dark Ages (more commonly called the Early Middle Ages).