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December Happenings Quiz

Guess these things that happened in December.
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: September 17, 2018
First submittedDecember 9, 2012
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Dec 1
This woman refuses to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama
Rosa Parks
Dec 2
Franz Josef I becomes the leader of this empire
Austrian Empire
Dec 3
Thousands die after a toxic gas leak near the city of Bhopal in this country
Dec 4
The world's oldest surviving professional hockey club is founded in this city
Dec 5
This period of American history comes to an end, following the
ratification of the 21st amendment
Dec 6
This national park in southern Florida is dedicated
Dec 7
The Japanese attack this American naval base
Pearl Harbor
Dec 8
This famous musician is killed by Mark David Chapman in New York City
John Lennon
Dec 9
This disease is declared to be eradicated
Dec 10
These awards were given for the first time, in Stockholm
Nobel Prizes
Dec 11
This British king abdicates
Edward VIII
Dec 12
This Italian inventor receives the first international radio transmission
Guglielmo Marconi
Dec 13
This English privateer begins his round-the-world voyage
Francis Drake
Dec 14
A team led by Roald Amundsen becomes the first to reach this location
The South Pole
Dec 15
This airplane, also known as the Dreamliner, makes its first flight in Seattle
Boeing 787
Dec 16
This leader becomes Lord Protector of England
Oliver Cromwell
Dec 17
This notorious dictator dies
Kim Jong-il
Dec 18
This Tchaikovsky ballet is performed for the first time
The Nutcracker
Dec 19
This politician is impeached
Bill Clinton
Dec 20
China gains control of this territory
Dec 21
Pan Am flight 103 explodes over Lockerbie, Scotland.
This country later admits responsibility
Dec 22
General Sherman concludes his "march to the sea" by
capturing this city in Georgia
Dec 23
"Emma", by this British novelist, is first published
Jane Austen
Dec 24
This general is appointed supreme Allied commander in WWII
Dwight Eisenhower
Dec 25
A temple to the sun god Sol Invictus is dedicated in this city
Dec 26
A deadly tsunami is caused by 9.3 earthquake off the coast of this country
Dec 27
This naturalist embarks on his journey aboard the HMS Beagle
Charles Darwin
Dec 28
This abbey, burial place of British Kings, is consecrated
Westminster Abbey
Dec 29
This "mad monk" is murdered in St. Petersburg, Russia
Grigori Rasputin
Dec 30
This former Iraqi leader is hanged
Saddam Hussein
Dec 31
This country is officially dissolved
Soviet Union
level 20
Dec 3, 2012
Great quiz. Kept trying to put various spellings of Gaddafi into the dictator question until I realised I was on the wrong track. (Oh and yes, the commas in the year column should be removed.)
level 85
Apr 22, 2014
Took me forever to come up with the right ballet, even with the December clue. Couldn't get past Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty.
level 39
Jan 4, 2015
Can you please accept the British spelling of harbour?
level ∞
Sep 16, 2017
level 39
Oct 2, 2015
Antarctica for the South Pole?
level 76
Oct 21, 2015
But Amundsen wasn't the first to reach Antarctica.
level 70
Aug 29, 2016
That would be John Davis of New Haven, Connecticut.
level 74
Dec 1, 2015
Great job on the quiz - happy December to everyone!
level 76
Dec 1, 2015
Ugh, kept trying Gadaffi, but turns out he's October.
level 61
Dec 1, 2015
Uh, please accept "Boeing" for Boeing 787!!!!
level 62
Dec 1, 2018
Boeing is a whole company though, and it's been around since long before 2009. You need the 787 or the question is meaningless.
level 57
Dec 1, 2015
You're awful picky about spelling; 'harbor' but not 'harbour'? Sorry I'm not from the US.
level 36
Dec 1, 2015
Can you accept Harbour for the Pearl Harbour question for all the Brits.
level ∞
Dec 3, 2015
level 78
Dec 6, 2018
in that case please also accept "Paeourques" for "Parks"
level 66
Dec 1, 2015
Can you accept Variola or Variola vera for smallpox cause it's the name for disease in Latin?
level 75
Oct 15, 2017
It's an English quiz though.
level 76
Dec 4, 2018
That may be, but it's also called Variola in English.
level 45
Dec 6, 2015
I resent "Edward" being a correct answer.
level 76
Sep 2, 2018
Tell that massively inbred family to choose from more than 12 names in 900 years, naming each other after their brother-uncles, i.e., bruncles.
level 77
Dec 1, 2018
If one knows the name but is unsure of the number, it's easy to write the name then quickly run through the numbers. This is one shortcut that makes perfect sense. (As Someone said, there are a limited number of names so even if one doesn't know the name, it is easy to try them all with all the low numbers.)
level 68
Jun 17, 2016
You might not resent it if you had to put in the alternatives when making the quiz e.g. 'the eighth'....... VIII...... v111 ..... 8th ....... the viii..... the V111..... etc .....etc
level 37
Apr 22, 2018
Besides, only one "King" Edward abdicated that year, so the answer is obvious. (I put King in quotation marks because, although as the elder son he succeeded his father, the coronation ceremony had not yet taken place at the time of his abdication).
level 58
Dec 2, 2018
He was King the moment his father died.
level 80
Nov 3, 2018
You would really accept "V111"?
level 71
Jul 21, 2017
Nice quiz! Would it work if you removed the name of the guy who shot Lennon seeing as he only did it to be famous - prefer not to pander to his reason
level 73
Apr 1, 2018
Gaddafi? No? Then, Ghaddafi? Ghadaffi? Ghadavi? - well, it turns out he wasn‘t the only dictator to die in 2011 *facepalm*
level 73
Dec 1, 2018
Don't forget the versions that start with Q
level 71
Dec 3, 2018
Can you change hockey to ice hockey? Hockey is a different game outside of North America.
level 65
Jun 8, 2019
Wow it was about icehockey? That hadnt even crossed my mind as an opton. Not that it would have mattered, still wouldnt have got it if it was icehockey ( though I would probably have tried a few canadian cities if I had time)
level 65
Jun 8, 2019
Is the 6 december question missing something? is dedicated... what is it dedicated to?