Double C Answers

Based on the clues, guess these random things that contain the letters CC.
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Last updated: September 19, 2018
First submittedOctober 29, 2013
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Birthplace of Muhammed
Top cash crop of Virginia
Roman god of wine
His nose grew when he told a lie
Country where you'd find Casablanca
Small Italian dumplings
Famous wookiee
Clever animal that can't be kept
out of Toronto's garbage bins
Famous "circus" in London
Italian luxury brand
Opposite of Oriental
Smallest woodwind instrument
Capital of Corsica
Vegetable hated by George H.W. Bush
James Bond's favorite casino game
Clan that feuded with the Hatfields
"Witchcraft" religion invented in 1954
Edward Jenner invented the first,
for smallpox
The Italian word for plaster
Capital of Ghana
Level 77
Nov 13, 2013
TIL that I can't spell worth a crap. Any chance to accept alternate spellings of piccolo? I tried piccilo and piccalo and gave up. I know, I should just learn to spell...
Level 51
Dec 19, 2013
Level 78
Jul 24, 2015
You're right - you should just learn to spell.
Level 62
Apr 23, 2016
'America' comes from Richard Ameryk - not Amerigo Vespucci. Ameryk was chief patron for John Cabot/Giovanni Caboto's exploratory voyages.Vespucci never used the term itself (he never even got to North America) and the earliest mentions of 'America' were in Bristol (England) - where Ameryk was based.
Level 81
Sep 20, 2018
Those who control the "Richard Amerike" and "American (word)" pages at Wikipedia disagree with you.
Level 54
Jan 29, 2019
That doesn't mean he's wrong. Not sure I'd trust Wikipedia....
Level 78
Feb 6, 2019
I'm not sure I'd trust a disaster plan either.
Level 67
Feb 16, 2019
They don't really. They just say there isn't hard evidence for it, but there isn't for vespuccio either (and using a first name isn't something that is generally done) they just agreed to stick with the other one.
Level 72
Sep 20, 2018
This is useful for improving my spelling. I knew all of these words but probably would have spelled half of them with only once 'C'. Hopefully I remember now.
Level 30
Jan 29, 2019
same same!
Level 83
Sep 20, 2018
spent a while not being able to get fresco out of my head so missed the actual one.
Level 78
Sep 21, 2018
I spent ages trying to think of fresco and never quite getting there
Level 70
Sep 23, 2018
Save me a trip to Google, "Clan that feuded with the Hatfields" what does this relate to?
Level 82
Jan 3, 2019
Once again we see that the "Ask Jetpunk comments instead of Google" strategy has failed miserably.
Level 54
Jan 29, 2019
Level 78
Jan 29, 2019
The nearly 30-year feud was a long-running battle between the Hatfield family of West Virginia, and the McCoys who lived across the creek in Kentucky. It began with Civil War skirmishes, flared up again over a hog, then again when a McCoy daughter married a Hatfield son, and eventually there was shooting into and burning of homes. Several family members were killed by the other side through the years, and state militia groups were also involved. A case arising from the feud regarding extradition went to the US Supreme Court. There have been books and movies about the feud, and it has become a common phrase used in the US as in, "Those kids are fighting like the Hatfields and McCoys." The feud is also referred to in the Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson song, Luckenbach, Texas - "This successful life we're living has us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys." So now you know and didn't have to look it up, but it's a really interesting history and I recommend you do.
Level 57
Jan 29, 2019
It's American Romeo and Juliet. Full of guns and diabetes.
Level 46
Jan 29, 2019
Italian for plaster is actually GESSO. Stucco is a different beast.
Level 38
Jan 30, 2019
Haven't seen anyone else mention bocconcini for 'small italian dumplings', when the dictionary definition of the two words are exactly the same. Gnocchi are little balls of potato, not very dumpling-like at all
Level 58
Jan 31, 2019
Please accept vaccination for vaccine.
Level 65
Dec 15, 2020
Gnocchi are not really dumplings