Homonyms Quiz #6

We give you a pair of definitions. You guess the homonym.
Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings.
Includes both true and polysemous homonyms
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Last updated: August 27, 2015
First submittedJune 7, 2013
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Duck or platypus
body part
Draft of a law
Divisible by two
Flat and level
Musical tone
Short letter
Soft feathers
Descending direction
Place to sit
Head of a committee
Certain culinary herb
Young woman
Fail to hit a target
To become submerged
Get smaller
Slang for psychiatrist
To make yarn
Longer work of fiction
Small cafeteria, esp.
in the military
Water bottle
Campus courtyard
Muscle of the leg
Stick used as a whip
To exchange
Religious building
Part of the head
Chemical curl
To draw away liquid
Part of a candle
To remind incessantly
Old, useless horse
Person who talks
with spirits
Between rare and
well done
Level 48
Sep 8, 2014
Got stuck on thinking 'dome' for religious building and part of the head...d'oh!
Level 60
Jan 2, 2018
Level 81
Oct 27, 2014
Cantina... cantine? How the heck do you spell that?!
Level 59
Nov 8, 2014
I'm not sure about 'permanent'. It's a perm which I think is actually short for 'permanent wave' - you wouldn't ask a hairdresser for a permanent surely!
Level 52
Dec 20, 2014
Yes, in fact, you would. "I'd like a permanent, please" is pretty much what you'd say.
Level 83
May 26, 2017
I would never ask a hairdresser for a permanent. I look ridiculous enough as it is.
Level 67
Jul 31, 2019
Does it look like a lampshade?
Level 87
Nov 12, 2019
For that matter, it's temporary. Lasts longer than bed curlers and irons though.
Level 67
Sep 10, 2021
I was sure it had something to do with bond.
Level 68
Nov 8, 2014
100% with 42 seconds to spare.
Level 65
Sep 11, 2021
Only 9 seconds to spare here. I almost didn't get sink
Level 60
May 31, 2017
Great quiz, but it seems like a crazy amount of time allowed, no? I finished easily (and I'm a slow typer) in less than a minute and a half.
Level 67
Jul 31, 2019
not sure if it fits 100% but I thought of flog, for a whip and exchange, it means to sell, and technically you exchange stuff, goods for money..
Level 37
Aug 17, 2019
Growing up, the Canteen was the food/drygoods store where government officers did their grocery shopping each month.
Level 65
Sep 11, 2021
I thought that was the commissary?
Level 87
Nov 12, 2019
Nag as a verb comes from the term of describing a woman, usually the wife, as an old nag.
Level 72
Aug 16, 2021
It's polysemous. Less satisfying but probably necessary for the number of quizzes in the series.
Level 64
Sep 10, 2021
There must be a better definition of quad. A four wheeled motorcycle perhaps, or one of four in a multiple birth. The only word I know for a campus courtyard is agora.
Level 72
Sep 10, 2021
This may be a regional/cultural difference. "Quad" is a common standard term for a campus courtyard in US colleges, or at least all the ones I've ever known, while I've never heard anything outside of ancient Greece called an agora.
Level 71
Sep 10, 2021
Why is television a medium? Because it's neither rare nor very well done!
Level 74
Oct 5, 2021
Because it is one of 'the media'. In the singular.
Level 73
Sep 10, 2021
Eventually got 'Note' but I was hung up on trying to spell "Ti" of doh-rae-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do
Level 54
Sep 11, 2021
What's wrong with 'rag' for "To remind incessantly/Old, useless horse"?
Level 55
Nov 15, 2021
Need to brush up on my American English for the homonym quizzes. My Australian English ain't cutting it.