Movies by Dreamworks Animated Pictures

Based on a plot description, can you guess these films released by Dreamworks Animated Pictures?
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Last updated: December 2, 2019
First submittedOctober 22, 2012
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The first film by Dreamworks, accused of being a ripoff of Pixar's "A Bug's Life"
Birds must escape a farm before they are turned into pies
Chicken Run
Ogre and donkey go on a quest to save a princess
Cleaner wrasse fish is on the run from the shark mafia
Shark Tale
New York zoo animals get shipped off to an African island
Raccoon, squirrel, and other miscellaneous animals have adventures
in a suburban housing development
Over the Hedge
Honey-gathering insect files a lawsuit againt the human race
Bee Movie
Chinese animal becomes a martial arts master
Kung Fu Panda
Viking teenager befriends a dragon
How to Train Your Dragon
Superintelligent villain actually wins, but then gets bored so he creates
a new superhero to fight against
A spin-off of the ogre movie which involves a cat
Puss in Boots
A snail's DNA is scrambled and now he is fast
Family of cave people never leave the cave until one cave girl
boldly ventures forth
The Croods
Earth is invaded by cute purple space aliens called "Boovs"
Mean ugly creatures can only feel happy when they eat a small happy
creature with rainbow hair
Baby talks like an adult and wears a business suit
The Boss Baby
Girl must help a yeti get back to his home on Mt. Everest
Level 18
Nov 23, 2012
Knew almost all of the movies but I couldn't think of the names off the top of my head.
Level 55
Mar 21, 2020
They're terrible at naming movies, it appears.
Level 73
Jul 17, 2013
Their first movies were even quite good - Antz and Chicken Run can even compete with Disney, in my opinion. But then it's going downhill.
Level 72
Sep 20, 2016
The first Shrek was good, Road to El Dorado was VERY good, Over the Hedge was alright, How to Train your Dragon is very good, and I've heard good things about Megamind, although I've not seen it. All the sequels and the Madagascars are junk.
Level 54
Apr 12, 2017
I can confirm that Megamind is very good. And what about How To Train Your Dragon 2?
Level 60
Sep 15, 2017
Shrek 2 is an excellent movie
Level 33
Jul 19, 2020
madagascar is THE best
Level 80
Dec 3, 2018
My subjective opinion: Antz was okay but not as good as A Bug's Life.
The Prince of Egypt was very well done. Beautifully animated, great soundtrack, and I enjoyed the more serious tone.
El Dorado was okay... I barely remember it.
Chicken Run was good. Shrek was pretty funny but also very overrated but it was pretty edgy for its time I guess. Spirit and Sinbad and Shrek 2 were all so-so. Shark Tale was garbage. Madagascar was so-so. Wallace & Gromit of course was great but all of Nick Park's stuff was. Over the Hedge and Flushed Away were alright. Shrek the Turd should never have been made. Bee Movie was disappointing. Kung Fu Panda was great. How to Train Your Dragon was okay but overrated. Megamind was really good.

And then... everything else? Almost all terrible. They lost their way at some point.
Level 57
Mar 24, 2020
that's actually not a bad summary, personally I'd say road to el dorado, spirit, and shrek 2 are also very good but other than that I'm in agreement. Apart from over the hedge and flushed away, which are amazing
Level 51
Mar 20, 2020
Kung Fu Panda was great, so was How To Train Your Dragon.
Level 82
Nov 2, 2014
I like Shrek, Madagascar and Over the Hedge. I don't really know any movies after 2010 :)
Level 42
Nov 26, 2014
It's hard to think of these because Dreamworks does not brand itself like Disney does--it doesn't make money off of the name itself so there's no need to stick to a particular style etc. While it allows for more innovative animation, it also makes it difficult for viewers (and quiz takers apparently) to go, "Oh, that's a Dreamworks film!"
Level 80
Nov 26, 2014
Wreck-It Ralph, Dinosaur, Enchanted, Lilo & Stitch, Pocahontas and Fantasia 2000 are all pretty different from one another.
Level 59
Jul 18, 2015
I feel a bit sorry for DreamWorks. There are some perfectly good films here, but compared to Pixar? No comparison.
Level 24
Jun 25, 2015
Put something like Jack Frost for Guardians, Boogeyman isn't a well known character in that movie.
Level 54
Dec 27, 2016
Bee Movie's only at 24%? Looks like we need to make more memes to get that number up!
Level 83
Mar 20, 2020
Bee Movie and Shrek are probably the most memed movies on this list. Though for the latter it's mostly because of "All Star."
Level 54
Mar 20, 2020
Over three years later, and it's up to 80%. Well done, internet!
Level 78
Mar 20, 2020
I knew the title began with Bee, but as usual I sat here trying to think, "What's the second word in the title of that Bee movie?" I missed it.
Level 65
Dec 10, 2018
I have failed as a memer in not getting The Bee Movie
Level 77
Dec 2, 2019
Should the 1998 clue say Dream Works? Dreamcast was (very underrated) gaming system.
Level ∞
Dec 2, 2019
Yes, fixed
Level 24
Mar 20, 2020
Antz: yay Chicken Run: yay Shrek: yay
Level 53
Mar 20, 2020
Considering Croods was a title purposely mispelled for comedic effect (which wasn't funny), could we have Kroods? I assumed the first letter was purposely wrong, and having to put in different variations of kroods for a minute to get it wasn't ideal. The movie sucks so we shouldn't have to learn how they decided to spell it. :)
Level 43
Mar 22, 2020
Please accept httyd for How to Train Your Dragon:)
Level 32
Mar 27, 2020
Ya Like jazz
Level 52
Apr 6, 2020
What's DreamWorks doing in 2020? Please update this quiz to include it.