Famous Doctors Quiz

All of the answers start with doctor. Guess what they are.
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Last updated: September 4, 2018
First submittedFebruary 18, 2010
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Hugh Laurie character
Dr. House
Mr. Pibb alternative
Dr. Pepper
Oprah psychologist
Dr. Phil
It's alive!
Dr. Frankenstein
"The Chronic" rapper
Dr. Dre
Medicine Woman
Dr. Quinn
1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!
Doc Brown
Doctor who talks to animals
Doctor Dolittle
"Cat in the Hat"
Dr. Seuss
Presumably, Stanley found him
Dr. Livingstone
Islander who created human/
animal hybrids
Dr. Moreau
Nintendo pill-pushing game
Dr. Mario
Mr. Hyde's alter ego
Dr. Jekyll
Assisted suicide doc
Dr. Kevorkian
Orthotics namesake
Dr. Scholl
Sherlock's sidekick
Dr. Watson
Long-running BBC sci-fi series
Doctor Who
"Baby and Child Care" author
Dr. Spock
The first Bond villain
Dr. No
Austin Powers's nemesis
Dr. Evil
Brand of durable British footwear
Doc Martens
KISS: They call me ______ ____
Dr. Love
Level 40
Mar 26, 2013
They might be doctors... but I'm not sure I'd let many of em treat me. Good quiz!!!
Level 55
May 6, 2014
"I don't believe that man has ever been to medical school!"
Level 50
Sep 10, 2014
I know two I'd for sure let treat me. Then I'd stow away on the TARDIS.
Level 77
Jun 9, 2014
I'm Doctor Rosenrosen, I'm here to get into the records room.
Level 58
Jul 31, 2015
Romance film starring Omar Sharif set in Russia.
Level 87
Aug 10, 2015
More of an epic than a romance.
Level 67
Oct 3, 2015
But still a doctor.
Level 58
Jan 2, 2017
Doctor _____ Give me the news, I gotta bad case of lovin' you..
Level 37
May 9, 2019
Blacklab: ^ Dr. Zhivago?
Level 43
Jul 6, 2021
Dr? Zhivago. Hotel? Trivago.
Level 79
Oct 3, 2015
What? No Dr. Strangelove?
Level 68
Oct 3, 2015
That was going to be my comment.
Level 58
Oct 3, 2015
Same; I tried it before even reading any of the clues! Also thought Doc Octopus from Spiderman might make it too.
Level 76
May 9, 2016
And no Dr. Ruth either!
Level 70
Nov 4, 2017
I was really hoping for Dr. Doofenshmirtz....
Level 70
May 5, 2018
Dr. Zhivago too...
Level 71
Oct 3, 2015
And then there's the Beatles song "Doctor Robert," a tribute to Dr. Robert Freymann, a Manhattan physician "known to New York's artists and wealthier citizens for his vitamin B-12 injections, which also featured liberal doses of amphetamine," according to Wikipedia. He signed Charlie Parker's death certificate, according to the same source.
Level 78
Dec 9, 2015
Should have included Dr. Demento!
Level 1
Jan 14, 2016
only got mario and who
Level 54
Mar 21, 2017
For some odd reason I kept thinking of the Stanley Parable. Doh!
Level 23
Sep 10, 2018
dr drew in the hizzay
Level 61
Jan 21, 2019
nice qiz, frend! I think its relly coooooooool :) xx
Level 61
May 9, 2019
What about Doctor Giggles?
Level 65
Jul 30, 2019
Ya gotta beam up some Dr. McCoy!
Level 43
Oct 26, 2019
Aw man, I was totally expecting Doctor Strange!
Level 65
Aug 30, 2021
Couldn't drag Dr Jack Kevorkian's name up out of my memory, partly because as an Australian, I'm far more familiar with Dr Philip Nitschke in that context. Perhaps, given his international prominence as the first doctor to legally assist a suicide, Nitschke could also be accepted as a valid answer.