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Famous Generals Quiz

Name these famous generals and admirals.
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedDecember 12, 2010
Last updatedAugust 28, 2015
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circa 500 B.C.
Art of War author
Sun Tzu
circa 330 B.C.
Conquered Persia
Alexander the Great
Second Punic War
Carthaginian commander
circa 50 B.C.
Conquered Gaul
Julius Caesar
Early 1200's
Khan who conquered Central Asia
Genghis Khan
Mid 1200's
Khan who conquered China
Kublai Khan
English Civil War
Old Ironsides
Oliver Cromwell
American Revolution
Top American commander
George Washington
Switched to the British
Benedict Arnold
circa 1800 A.D.
Conquered most of Europe
Napoleon Bonaparte
circa 1800 A.D.
British commander who defeated the above
Duke of Wellington
circa 1800 A.D.
Won the battle of Trafalgar
Horatio Nelson
American Civil War
Top Union commander
Ulysses S. Grant
American Civil War
Top Confederate commander
Robert E. Lee
American Civil War
Employed "scorched Earth" tactics
William Tecumseh Sherman
Black Jack
John J. Pershing
Leader of the Free French
Charles de Gaulle
British commander of D-Day ground forces
Bernard Montgomery
Germany's "Desert Fox"
Erwin Rommel
Old Blood and Guts
George S. Patton
Returned to the Philippines
Douglas MacArthur
Supreme Allied commander
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Leader of the Japanese Navy
Isoroku Yamamoto
level 33
Mar 26, 2012
Got lao tzu mixed up with sun tzu
level 37
May 17, 2017
lol Lao Tzu is the guy who founded Daoism. It's all about peace and everything lol
level 37
Apr 4, 2012
hannibul should be accepted
level 29
Sep 9, 2012
...no it shouldn't. if you really know who hannibal is you should be able to spell his name correctly.
level 20
May 9, 2012
I could've sworn I tried benedict. Oh well.
level 77
May 12, 2014
Usually quizzes do not accept first names. Did you also try Arnold?
level 63
Dec 29, 2017
Usually. Sun is accepted but not Tzu.
level 65
Mar 29, 2018
That's because Sun is his surname: Chinese names are "backwards" compared to English.
level 40
Jan 14, 2013
Darn... who knew I knew so much about war n stuff?!?
level 78
Mar 14, 2013
Geat quiz! But one quibble. Nelson was an admiral, not a general.
level 25
Jun 19, 2013
Yeah, that had me miffed also. I wonder how Admiral Nelson would take to being referred to as a General?
level ∞
Apr 2, 2014
Read the directions!
level 58
May 12, 2014
An admiral is really just the navy rank for general. I believe they have equal authority, it's just a terminology thing really.
level 58
May 12, 2014
Sir Isaac Brock? Probably the most famous "Canadian" general. Assigned to Canada prior to the war of 1812, when the war broke out his preparations created quick victories that defeated American invasion attempts. His success at Detroit even earned him knighthood. His nickname is even "The hero of Upper Canada"
level 45
May 12, 2014
This is awesome, add some more though, perhaps Saladin, Charlemagne, Frederick the Great, Blucher, Zhukov, Ariel Sharon
level 82
Dec 4, 2015
Saladin certainly! Seconded.
level 77
May 12, 2014
I missed the WWII question about the Japanese leader because I could only think of Hideki Tojo.
level 51
May 12, 2014
I kept misspelling "Ghengis." I knew the H was in there, but kept misplacing it.
level ∞
May 12, 2014
Ghengis will work now. In the future, just leave out those silent H's! It's easier for me to allow answers with a missing letter than to guess what extra letters people will add.
level 38
Apr 25, 2017
why would you accept ghengis but not hannibul? The same scolding you gave to the misspeller of Hannibal should apply to the misspeller of Genghis.
level 73
Dec 5, 2017
quizzygirl is not QM
level 49
May 12, 2014
Great quiz ruined by such a low tolerance for misspelling. I knew 3-5 of these that I didn't get credit for because I didn't know how to spell them.
level 57
Dec 8, 2014
wish this, like many other quizzes was more consistent.....decide whether all the answers need full names, or if the surname alone is acceptable! I kept thinking I was wrong with answers because I only put in the surname, but it needed the full name, but earlier answers accepted just the surname! It frustrates me lol
level 54
Feb 20, 2016
So many Americans... never heard of Arnold or Pershing. What about, some mentioned before, Frederick the Great, Darius (or Xerxes if you want, I guess?), Scipio, Saladin, Charlemagne, Chiang Kai-Shek, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Kolchak, Foch, Petain, Kitchener, Churchill, Attila... many of these are questionably defined, but surely there's a few good ones
level 70
Apr 29, 2018
Nor is this helped by the usual ignorance about Eisenhower as THE Allied Supreme Commander. He wasn't. He was one of several. There were different Allied Supreme Commanders in different areas. I've put this elsewhere and the only thing that bores me more than my own repetition is Quizmaster's refusal to address questions which are just stone dead wrong.
level 72
Jul 5, 2018
MacArthur was another Supreme Commander of Allied Forces. All American military men were outranked by George Marshall.
level 69
Apr 28, 2016
Can't help but notice there are as many from Great Britain as the whole of Asia, despite the latter being home to almost two thirds of humanity and the prior being home to less than one percent. Likewise nine from the US seems a little heavy. Possibly a tad lopsided. No Cyrus the Great? Chandragupta Maurya? Saladin? Tamerlane? Cao Cao? Oda Nobunaga? Toyotomi Hideyoshi? Just to name a few. Also surely you could find room for at least one Russian. How about Zhukov? Or Suvorov? I think any of those I've mentioned had more (some vastly more) impact on human history than the likes of Montgomery, Pershing or Sherman. For that matter Lee, De Gaulle and Rommel didn't really much alter the final outcomes of the wars they fought in. I know you're not claiming to present a definitive list of history's most important generals, but I think just a little more representation from around the world would make for a more interesting (and challenging) quiz.
level 71
Dec 11, 2016
to some extent i agree with findlay. you are only focused on west! as contemporary commanders you can add imad mughniyah which ended southern lebanon occupation and Soleymani as the main character in fighting against terrorism in middle east.
level 52
Feb 6, 2018
Please accept Khubilai and Kubilai. The original Mongolian is: Хубилай – there clearly is a vowel between the "b" sound and the "l" sound. Thanks!
level 30
Aug 19, 2018
Trafalgar was 1805
level 72
Dec 7, 2018
DeGaulle, the general with no army. He sat out the war as a guest in a foreign country waiting for them to reconquer his country and ride in at the head of a parade like a horse's ass. As Trump would tweet:
level 69
Sep 11, 2019
With so much WWII prominence, I'd at least expect Zhukov in the mix.