General Knowledge Quiz #138

Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: August 7, 2015
First submittedAugust 6, 2015
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Who followed a white rabbit down a hole?
What city was home to the largest library in the ancient world?
What movie would have been more accurately titled "Cretaceous Park"?
Jurassic Park
What is either a chess piece or a religious leader?
What shape is a tipi?
In the electromagnetic spectrum, what type of waves are more energetic than X-Rays?
Gamma Rays
Great Britain is the largest island in Europe. What is the second largest?
What is the world's largest society for high-IQ individuals?
What comes next in this sequence: million, billion, trillion?
What is both the name of a famous magician and a book by Charles Dickens?
David Copperfield
What ancient Greek sculpture has famously lost her arms?
Venus de Milo
What is Volkswagen's all-time best-selling car model?
Volkswagen Beetle
Whose chocolate factory did Charlie Bucket visit?
Willy Wonka's
What country is geographically closest to Australia?
Papua New Guinea
What company is the world's largest auction house?
What type of bird resembles a large crow?
What religious group is known for wearing turbans and for carrying small daggers?
What movie featured the song "Moon River"?
Breakfast at Tiffany's
What event's results were predicted by a "psychic" octopus?
2010 FIFA World Cup
What has a moon named Charon?
Level 82
Aug 7, 2015
Typo at Britain.
Level ∞
Aug 7, 2015
Level 84
Sep 6, 2015
I tried "gazillion" and "bazillion" before I stumbled on the right answer.
Level 80
Jan 24, 2016
This quiz was awesome and I got 100%, however i did try eBay first for the world's largest auction house.
Level 67
Jan 24, 2016
A couple i didnt know. Got the Venus statue though she is actually Roman, not Greek.
Level 77
Jan 24, 2016
The name is Roman but the statue is Greek. (It's sometimes called the Aphrodite of Milos.)
Level 69
Jan 24, 2016
I got the greek statue by typing venus for the last question...thanks QM!
Level 71
Jan 24, 2016
Only missed quadrillion.
Level 68
Jan 24, 2016
A raven is a type of crow; it doesn't just "resemble" one.
Level 48
Jan 24, 2016
The fact that more people got gamma rays than Pluto really says something...
Level 15
Jan 24, 2016
I couldn't get gamma rays because I only put on m.
Level 42
Sep 20, 2016
Slight flaw in the quiz, people are going to cycle through the 8 planets before moving on to other celestial bodies like Pluto if they don't know the answer, which means people will get the statue question when they type Venus.
Level 53
Jan 7, 2020
People are only going to go through the planets sequentially if they don't already know the answer is Pluto, and even then, MVEMJSUN would not necessarily be the obvious trial order when you know it's something with a moon.
Level 66
Feb 23, 2019
Isn't Ebay the world's largest auction house?
Level 81
Dec 7, 2019
Who took it upon himself to change the spelling of teepee? It looks like the actress in Hitchcock's The Birds. Dakota Johnson's grandma was a tent.
Level 74
Jan 24, 2020
I could only think of Annie for Moon River.
Level 77
Feb 25, 2020
Can we all agree that "Psychic Octopus" would be an excellent name for a band?
Level 60
Jun 18, 2020
Ireland larger then Iceland?
Level 66
Sep 16, 2020
Ireland: 84,421 km²; Iceland: 103,000 km²
Level 23
Jul 3, 2020
Great Britain is a group of islands , so is Iceland.
Level 60
Jul 16, 2020
Here we go.
Level 66
Sep 16, 2020
Great Britain is the name of the main island in the United Kingdom; and Iceland is referring to the main island of that country (also called Iceland).
Level 80
Aug 6, 2020
I thought of Fletch for Moon River, but not the correct answer.