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General Knowledge Quiz #150

Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: October 21, 2016
First submittedMarch 16, 2016
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What two common vegetables have names that end in "nip"?
What young pharaoh's tomb was famously discovered in 1922?
What do some people eat that contains psilocybin?
Psychedelic Mushrooms
What do aardvarks eat?
Ants and Termites
In what activity did Deep Blue best Gary Kasparov in 1998?
What is blood type O-negative often referred to as?
Universal Donor
What semi-nomadic group of people have a name that means "Desert Dwellers" in Arabic
In poker, what is the name of the highest possible straight flush?
Royal Flush
What toy company makes a robotics kit called "Mindstorms"?
As of 2016, who is the Prime Minister of Canada?
Justin Trudeau
What video game character eats mostly pellets but occassionally fruit and pretzels?
What country has the the most Arabic speakers?
What well-known app allows users to send pictures that will be automatically deleted
after a certain amount of time?
What city did the Vandals sack in 455 AD?
What female singer had the most #1 hits on the American pop charts in the 1990's?
Mariah Carey
What type of creature is the closest relative to squids and octopuses?
Who are pestilence, war, famine, and death?
Four Horsemen of
the Apocalypse
What is the term for an epidemic that has spread over the entire world?
What high-altitude city hosted the Olympics in 1968?
Mexico City
Level 73
Mar 16, 2016
Mushrooms are not plants. Should change that to 'what organism'. Also, I really think you should accept 'bedouin' without the 's'.
Level 76
Mar 16, 2016
Yes, please accept bedouin without the s. I got it wrong for this reason. Also, please accept 'Ms. Pacman' as well. She eats pellets, fruit and pretzels too!!
Level ∞
Mar 17, 2016
Okay on all three
Level 70
Mar 17, 2016
Grenoble is also a high altitude city which hosted the Olympics in 1968
Level 78
Mar 17, 2016
1306 ft above sea level? Not so high.
Level 84
Mar 17, 2016
I was going to argue the same point until I looked up Grenoble to find that the city is actually only a couple hundred meters above sea level. The surrounding mountains are much higher, but not the city itself. It's kind of a tricky way of asking the question, in that you're tempted to figure out the Winter host as opposed to the Summer, but I like it.
Level 84
Mar 17, 2016
"Ms. Pac-Man" needs to be an acceptable type-in for the video game character question. They both share the same diet.
Level 67
Jul 10, 2016
I tried Knights and Riders of the Apocalypse instead of Horsemen. So close yet so far!
Level 59
Jul 26, 2016
Maybe you were getting confused with the The Knights who say Ni?
Level 43
Jul 26, 2016
It's octopi not octopuses
Level 54
Jul 26, 2016
both forms are correct
Level 60
Jul 26, 2016
won't you accept Mexico as well as Mexico city.?
Level 80
Jan 3, 2017
To be super anal, the word "occasionally" (in the PacMan question) should only have 1 s.
Level 60
Mar 27, 2018
Nautilus for relative of squid and octopus? See Wiki page on cephalopods.
Level 64
Jul 18, 2018
Level 66
Jan 12, 2019
Not kraken? ;)
Level 30
Dec 5, 2018
"Apocalyptic riders" should be accepted as well.
Level 66
Jan 12, 2019
That might be what they are, but four horseman of the apocalypse is allmost a title, it is the term they are known by.
Level 77
Apr 20, 2019
The Four Horsemen in the Book of Revelation do not include Pestilence. They are Famine, War, Conquest, and Death.
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