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General Knowledge Quiz #161

Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: February 13, 2017
First submittedJanuary 17, 2017
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What modern-day capital is located near the ancient city of Babylon?
What type of light is emitted by a blacklight?
Ultraviolet (UV-A)
Which of the seven dwarfs has a name that means "shy"?
What British landmark is guarded by the Yeoman Warders, also known as "beefeaters"?
Tower of London
What two world capitals start with the letters BEI?
What type of fish would you be most likely to find on a pizza or a Caesar salad?
What island's population reached a high of 8 million in the 1840s and is still lower today?
What is the term for a person whose body has been enhanced with
robotic or mechanical parts?
What is the common term for a person who is prejudiced against Jewish people?
What series of uprisings rocked the Middle East in 2011?
Arab Spring
What 1985 blockbuster is sometimes abbreviated BTTF?
Back to the Future
What is the superhero alter-ego of Barbara Gordon?
Batgirl or Oracle
What record company was founded in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan by Berry Gordy Jr.?
Motown Records
What is the official language of Iran?
What region is known in its own language as Bayern?
What European soccer club has won the most Champions League titles?
Real Madrid
What bebop saxophone player was nicknamed "Bird"?
Charlie Parker
What type of videocassette lost the "format wars" to VHS in the 1980s?
What is the most populous city on the Atlantic coast of Canada?
level 82
Jan 17, 2017
Could "antisemitist" also be accepted? With all the other bad spelling that goes around..
level 71
Jan 17, 2017
But that's not a misspelling of antisemite; it's a whole different word, and as far as I know, is only the name of a record company.
level 60
Feb 13, 2017
But surely antisemitic should be accepted?
level 63
Feb 13, 2017
+1 anti-semitic
level 76
Feb 13, 2017
Antisemitic is what I tried and when it wasn't accepted I gave up.
level ∞
Feb 13, 2017
Antisemitic will work now
level 44
Feb 13, 2017
What about anti semitism?
level 77
Jan 17, 2017
The six-million-dollar man was not a cyborg. How about also accepting bionic?
level 62
Jan 26, 2017
I thought bionic.
level 78
Jan 30, 2017
Also tried bionic. Does that show my age?
level 60
May 7, 2018
the "six million dollar man" (tv show) is based on the novel "cyborg" by martin caidin. yes, he was a cyborg.
level 53
Jan 31, 2017
The Arab Spring rocked north Africa more than the ME, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt all had massive changes. Only really Syria did in the ME.
level 59
Feb 13, 2017
Iraq, and Yemen are both having a civil war as well. Lebanon is dealing with the spillover of the Syrian Civil War. Several other countries have had major governmental changes. The Arab Spring most certainly affected the Asian part of the Arab world.
level 77
Feb 13, 2017
Between uprisings or protests in Beirut, Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia (all put down, Bahrain's still somewhat ongoing), democratic stirrings in Iran, outright civil war in Yemen, outright civil war and near disintegration of the state in Syria and Iraq, constant fighting in Kurdistan, increased terrorism/political upheavals in Turkey, the formation of Islamic State, and the massive refugee crisis... I'd say that it affected the Middle East *more* than North Africa. Also Egypt is almost always included in the Middle East in addition to being part of North Africa.
level 56
Feb 13, 2017
i typed Munich in a flurry of desperation for Bavaria close enough ? negative only miss
level 66
Jul 11, 2019
No, Munich is a city, not a region.
level 44
Feb 13, 2017
level 52
Feb 13, 2017
Yep it even pops up on the homepage
level ∞
Feb 13, 2017
Fixed the typo
level 71
May 22, 2017
Most peoples/tribes/cultures in the middle east could be called Semitic, not only Jews
level 67
Apr 24, 2018
True, but "anti-semitism" is used to refer to hatred of Jewish people specifically. It's similar to how "homophobia" doesn't mean "fear of sameness."
level 66
Apr 12, 2019
I was going to argue that it should be Quebec City, but apparently it’s just slightly too far inland.
level 70
Aug 28, 2019
Video 2000 was also a loser of the video format wars, and should be accepted. It was a legend here.
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