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General Knowledge Quiz #178

Answer these random trivia questions.
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedAugust 29, 2017
Last updatedNovember 10, 2017
Times taken16,925
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What is the French equivalent of the name John?
What body part is sometimes called a "schnoz"?
What country has the most murders?
In what province would you find Banff National Park?
Name one of the three major types of rocks
Igneous, Metamorphic,
or Sedimentary
What is a common word that means "inebriated"?
What country has territory on 5 of the world's 13 largest islands?
What horror villain had the last name Voorhees?
What is the preferred weapon of a Jedi knight?
Who wrote "White Fang" and "Call of the Wild"?
Jack London
What card is included in 54 card decks - but not in 52 card decks?
What musical instrument is named for John Philip Sousa?
Who was the son of Jor-El?
Kal-El (Superman)
Which Greek letter, can also mean "a very small amount"?
What, according to a common saying, is bliss?
What country changed its state ideology from Communism to "Juche" in the 1990s?
North Korea
From what language does the word "karaoke" come?
Who, according to Shakespeare, said "Friends, Romans, countrymen,
lend me your ears"?
Mark Antony
In what city would you find a hill known as Mount Zion?
What is the first name of English rockers Richards and Moon?
level 73
Aug 29, 2017
Finally a 100% general knowledge quiz. Usually it's just one that keeps me from a perfect score.
level 82
Aug 30, 2017
Got them all as well, although there were some tricky ones that took several guesses and some thinking.
level 77
Nov 9, 2017
I didn't have to guess on any of the ones I got except for the Canadian province one... but I didn't know who wrote White Fang.
level 72
Nov 10, 2017
missed 2, kept on trying micro(n) for the greek letter (dûh) and didn't know alberta
level 49
Nov 11, 2017
Iota is a very small town in Alberta. Little known fact.
level 76
Nov 9, 2017
Same here.
level 68
Aug 30, 2017
Good quiz, but the "common word for inebriated" question has already been used on GK quiz #120.
level 67
Nov 9, 2017
I noticed that a few questions are paraphrased and reused every now and then. I don't blame the Quizmaster; how else are you gonna create that many general knowledge quizzes?!
level 73
Nov 9, 2017
It's a bad question - there are lots of commonly used words which mean the same
level 61
Aug 30, 2017
I know it's a bit of a stretch, but could "Delta" mean a very small amount? As in calculus? It was my first thought.
level 77
Aug 30, 2017
I first thought of epsilon, as in the definition of a limit, but it's rather obvious that the question is asking for something more common.
level 71
Sep 7, 2017
I thought delta, when that didn't work I thought epsilon
level 59
Nov 9, 2017
I thought it would be mu since it is the common symbol meaning micro (10^-6) at least in the metric system. I have no idea what iota has to do whit anything small, could someone explain?
level 55
Nov 9, 2017
It's commonly used in the phrase "...not one iota of..." Jesus uses the phrase in one of His sermons. It gained that usage because it's the smallest written Greek letter.
level 57
Nov 9, 2017
Ha! Another instance of my ignorance helping me out on these quizzes - iota was the one and only answer I know anything about :)
level 51
Nov 9, 2017
*What Greek letter can also mean 'a very small amount'?
level 32
Nov 9, 2017
John Philip Sousa did not actually invent the sousaphone, but rather it was given to him as a gift by a member of his band.
level ∞
Nov 10, 2017
Fixed, thanks!
level 44
Nov 10, 2017
Wth is juche?! (I did guess the answer correctly even though I didn't know what it was!)
level 49
Nov 11, 2017
For anyone who missed 'ignorance' would it be correct to say they are in (relative) bliss?
level 67
Jan 18, 2018
Like mixed questions? try Mal's General Knowledge 31 ......here it is
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